15 Top Apps to Send Money from USA, Uk, Canada to Nigeria

15 Top Apps to Send Money from USA, Uk, Canada to Nigeria – The internet, along with smartphones has made nearly everything easy and accessible to everyone. Transferring or sending cash from one place to another has been made simpler.

Ten years ago 10 years ago, the only option to transfer money in the past 10 years to Nigeria was through credit unions such as Western Union. However, this option came with a host of problems including huge costs as well as switching back and forth process of making a transfer to the bank.

Today, with the rise of fintech and the adoption of cryptocurrency the ability to transfer money from one country to the next has never been simpler. However, in Nigeria, this isn’t always the case.

Transferring cash in the direction of Nigeria is currently difficult due to the stringent rules on money transfer implemented by the CBN in the event of non-compliance with the anti-money laundering regulations.

This guide will help you understand how to transfer funds into Nigeria and the various ways to transfer money from any place (city) across the globe to Nigeria. Learn how to keep your fees for money transfers lower, and also how to send a safe and swift transfers of funds to your recipient.

Here are the top apps for paying cash to Nigeria.

List of Money Transfer Services & Apps to Send Money to Nigeria

  1. WorldRemit
  2. RIA Money Transfer
  3. Eversend
  4. SendCash
  5. Remitly
  6. Azimo
  7. TransferGo
  8. Paystack
  9. Send by Flutterwave
  10. WirePay
  11. Changera
  12. Grey
  13. Afriex
  14. MoneyGram
  15. WesternUnion

1. WorldRemit

WorldRemit  is a top platform that users from all over the world use for sending funds to Nigeria. Worldremit is a great platform to send money from Nigeria. Worldremit you can transfer money to Nigeria by cash or as a bank transfer, and as a pop-up on the air. You can however only make a transfer via bank to accounts in Dollar (domiciliary account) that are located in Nigeria.

Some of the banks that are in Nigeria that you can transfer money to include: Fidelity, FCMB, FirstBank, Access Bank, Diamond Bank, and Ecobank. Mobile money wallets you can use to send funds to Nigeria through WorldRemit include Opay along with PagaTech. Although sending money from mobile wallets to mobile wallets isn’t yet possible, due to the latest CBN directive.

The maximum amount you can transfer to Nigeria through WorldRemit is approximately N7,000,000 per transfer, and daily for bank transfers. The limits are based on the country that you’re sending from as well as the payment method you plan to make use of.

2. RIA Money Transfer

The RIA Money Transfer is among the most popular money transfer services around the world. It is offered in 314,000 locations in 144 countries. Apart from its money transfer services, RIA Money Transfer provides debit card services as well as tracking and money orders.

RIA Money transfer joined forces with Nigerian banks such as Diamond Bank, First Bank, Skye Bank, and Ecobank to make the transfer of money out of other nations to Nigeria simple.

RIA Money Transfer charges are clearly stated and there aren’t any fees hidden. If you’d like to transfer money through RIA then you’ll have to create an RIA account through RIA online.

Once you have signed up for an RIA account and have it been approved, you can immediately transfer funds to Nigeria. RIA provides three payment options to send money to Nigeria They are via the bank account of your choice, debit card, or credit card. You can track your transaction until the money gets to the beneficiary.

The person who will be collecting the cash must authenticate their identity with the use of a Nigerian National Identity Card, driver’s license, or passport from another country. In addition, they must identify the pin used by the person who sent the money. In addition, you should provide the amount the sender paid.

The RIA Money Transfer Limit for Nigeria is $500. The recipient will receive the amount as dollars and not in the equivalent of naira.

3. Eversend

Eversend is an e-wallet with multiple currencies that allows users to change, save and transfer cash instantly at the most competitive rates available – in and outside of Africa.

You can make immediate transfer of funds to banks in Nigeria using the Eversend application.

Eversend promises to save you up to 70% on charges as well as foreign currency. Eversend can also allow you to create a virtual debit card to shop online instantly. You can load your virtual debit card with any currency, and then shop using USD.

The app also lets users keep and trade multiple currencies like USD, EUR, NGN, KES, UGX, RWF, and GBP.

You can transfer money to Nigeria using Eversend in any one of the following countries:

Africa: Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda.

Europe: Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Rest of the World: Australia, Canada, India, Kuwait, South Korea, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States.

4. Sendcash Africa

Paycash is a simple way for users to transfer funds into Nigerian account holders from any part of the world in just a few minutes by using their credit account, Apple Pay, Cash App, or Crypto wallet.

It’s an excellent way to send money to relatives and friends who reside living in Nigeria or to those who receive money from overseas clients as a freelancer or creative in Nigeria.

Sendcash is fast, cheap, and doesn’t require a sign-up. Simply type in the account number that you wish to transfer money to and you’re set. Transfers made on Sendcash could take anywhere from several minutes to hours depending on the amount of availability of funds and rates.

Sendcash has two ways to transfer funds. With a bitcoin wallet, and USDC via Wyre (Bank Cards as well as Apple Pay). The limit for transactions for bitcoin wallets is $2500, whereas the limit for Wyre will be $1,000.

In the event that you’re using a bitcoin wallet to make your transfer Sendcash does not charge fees, however, the other cryptocurrency wallet you’re using could be charged fees.

5. Remitly

Recent updates Remitly will only deliver US dollars for bank deposits and cash pickup transfers towards GT Bank and Polaris Bank only.

Remitly is another excellent International money transfer system that you can use to transfer funds to Nigeria.

Remitly is a fantastic alternative to traditional money transfer services such as Western Union and Money gram since it makes sending money to Nigeria quick, secure, and reasonably priced.

You can transfer money to Nigeria through this Remitly Money transfer online service, or the Remitly application on your tablet or smartphone.

Remitly will only transfer funds to the recipient in Nigeria through money pickup, or bank transfer into US dollars (USD). To be able to receive funds from bank accounts from Remitly the recipient must possess a domiciled account.

You are still able to send money to Nigeria from these countries via Remitly:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United States of America
  • The United Kingdom

6. Azimo

Azimo can be one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to send cash to Nigeria. Through Azimo you can transfer money to Nigeria through cash pick-up and also to USD (USD) as well as to Pounds(GBP) account in Nigeria through SWIFT.

Azimo boasts that it is 77% less expensive than the other money transfer services.

When you transfer money to Nigeria using Azimo your recipient will receive an email with pickup instructions once the transfer is in the process of being collected. An OTP is sent via SMS to the receiver number you have provided. If you do not provide it, the recipient is not able to take their money to the pickup location.

When you send money through Azimo the payment options are credit or debit card or bank transfer through online banking (not accessible in countries such as Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, or Australia) and SOFORT (not accessible in countries like Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy or Netherlands).

It is important to note that you must pay with your own card. pay. If you’re paying online with your bank account to make a payment for the transfer, you must always transfer money to an account that is under your name. Also, ensure you provide the relevant reference numbers. Azimo is not able to provide its products in USA or Canada However, it’s excellent for transfer between the UK or Europe into Nigeria.

7. TransferGo

TransferGo is a low-cost international money transfer service that allows you to transfer funds to Nigeria. TransferGo currently supports 22 currencies in more than 47 countries.

TransferGo is an authorized and licensed payment service that is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and is supervised by HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) in England They are therefore able to meet the same security requirements as any other commercial bank.

TransferGo provides high-end money transfers that are quick convenient and valuable.

Pricing is calculated on attractive rates of exchange, and how fast you’d like the money you transfer to reach its destination and that’s all it takes.

8. Paystack

Paystack is an online payment provider that operates in Nigeria and in other regions of Africa. Although Paystack doesn’t provide an online money transfer service, however, it provides a means for anyone who isn’t in Nigeria to transfer money to residents of Nigeria that have an account with a Paystack account.

If the person you’d like to transfer money to from Nigeria has a Paystack account, they can send you a link to pay that they can make in your Paystack dashboard.

It is necessary to pay with a credit or debit card. Paystack is utilized by Nigerian creatives, companies, and freelancers to accept payments from all over the world.

Paystack can be a great option to replace money transfer companies and their problems.

9. Send by Flutterwave

“Send by Flutterwave similar to Paystack is a money transfer service that allows users who have Flutterwave accounts to transfer funds from any location in the world.

Send supports barter accounts as well as mobile money wallets as well as bank accounts and even cash pickup locations.

With the help of Send by Flutterwave, you can instantly make cash transfers to various countries across the globe. Transfer funds with diverse options for sending funds locally to bank accounts, and mobile money wallets, too.

Learn more about this company by reading the Flutterwave Review.

10. WirePay

Wirepay is an application that allows you to transfer cash in Nigeria, Ghana, and 18 other African countries with fiat currency from any location around the globe. It also allows you to purchase discounted airtime as well as create personalized virtual cards to use money online.

Wirepay allows you to transfer the ability to hold, transfer, and even exchange money in over 20 currencies across the globe for no cost. The money transfer app supports Nigerian currency, Naira US Dollars GHS, ZAR, KES, XAF, and ZAR, XAF.

Wirepay’s US Dollar deposit limit is one thousand dollars ($1,000) per transaction. The limit for Wirepay Naira’s deposits of five hundred thousands Naira (N500,000) per transaction.

However, Pay with Bank Transfer, the Pay with Bank Transfer option is unlimitable.

Fees for funding or transferring funds Wirepay Wallet with US Dollar and other currencies ATM Card is 5percent. The Naira Card is charged 1.4 percent. Charges for cards made are processed by Wirepay are limited and will not exceed the limit of N2,000.

For Transfers to banks: Transfer For Bank Transfer: If you make use of this method of Wema Bank transfer, you will be assessed a 2% fee for the sum you transfer.

11. Changera

Changera is a different interesting, speedy and secure application that allows you to transfer cash to Nigeria from any part of the world. The app allows you to pay bills as well as create virtual dollar-based credit cards for Nigeria.

You can transfer money to family and friends in Nigeria via this app from African countries as well as Europe, the US along with Europe.

You can add funds to your Changera wallet with your credit card or by an electronic transfer to a bank.

12. Grey

Grey was once Aboki. The Grey platform offers foreign bank accounts for Africans. It is possible to transfer money to Nigeria through Grey provided that the recipient is a member of the Grey account.

You can also change your money into different currencies through the Grey app, and transfer cash online directly from Africa towards UK UK or other European countries effortlessly.

13. Afriex Money Transfer App

Afriex Afriex is an application for mobile phones that allows users to transfer funds to Nigeria. Afriex allows you to make use of Afriex to transfer and collect money from any part of the world.

If you sign up with Afriex it comes with the option of a multi-currency that you can use to send and receive cash both to and out of Africa immediately. Afriex has been used in transactions totaling more than $1 billion USD as of now.

Through the Afriex Money Transfer App you can transfer funds between and to Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Canada, and USA.

Afriex transfer costs are 25% less in comparison to Moneygram as well as WesternUnion.

14. MoneyGram

Moneygram is among the most trusted and oldest methods to transfer funds to Nigeria. MoneyGram has more than 350,000 agents all over the world. It also collaborates with 400 banks across the globe.

Moneygram is known as the second-largest nion in the world. Money Transfer service, so you can rest assured that if you transfer money to Nigeria via MoneyGram your money will reach the destination you intended for it to reach.

15. WesternUnion

We’ve all heard about WesternUnion. It’s still among the most effective ways to transfer cash to Nigeria. Considered to be the most powerful money transfer service worldwide, WesternUnion is still a good option to send money, if you’re not worried about going to the bank.

Send Money To Nigeria: Best Choice

After we’ve looked at the various options to send money to Nigeria Here’s a list of the top choices depending on the country from which you’re sending money.

The choices are:

Send Money to Nigeria From USA or Canada:

Worldremit is an excellent option to send money to Nigeria in addition to Eversend as well as SendCash.

Send money to Nigeria from the UK and Europe:

If you’re seeking ways to transfer money to Nigeria from the UK or Europe If so, Azimo, Remitly and TransferGo are great options to send funds into Nigeria through the UK as well as the majority of European countries.

Send money via India to Nigeria

If you’re looking to send cash into Nigeria from India Your best option is probably WesternUnion However, you could also look into Sendcash as well as WorldRemit.

Send money in Nigeria via South Africa, Egypt, Algeria, Ghana and other African countries.

Sendcash, Eversend and WorldRemit are your top options for transfer funds in the direction of Nigeria via other nations such as South Africa, Algeria, Egypt and Ghana.

What factors to take into consideration when selecting an app for international money transfers

It isn’t always easy to choose from the various options for making money transfer to Nigeria however there are some factors you can take into consideration to help you make an informed choice.

Factors that affect speed include transfers, costs, convenience locations, customer service or speed of transfer.

The Total Cost of a Transfer

There are times when people transfer funds to Nigeria and the recipient gets less. This is because of hidden charges. These charges are hidden in transfer fees mainly via the exchange rate, but they also depend on the payment method you choose.

Make sure to study and comprehend the operation of the that you want to choose or locate an online platform for money transfers that lists all fees in advance. This can save you many headaches.

Consider Transfer Speed When You Send Money to Nigeria

The time in which the recipient receives money from a different country can be a significant factor to decide the type of money transfer service you select.

Certain money transfer companies require more time than others to transfer funds to the recipient. In case of emergency, the fastest should be your first choice.

Geographic geographical location

There aren’t all money transfer services or apps accessible worldwide? The majority of them are restricted to specific countries. Therefore, make sure to locate the ones appropriate for the location or country that you live in.

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