‘150,000 Palestinians’ put in an appearance at friday supplications at Al-Aqsa masjid

Palestinians traveled to Al-Aqsa masjid from the tenanted westbound Bank, eastbound Jerusalem, and Israel.

tenanted eastbound Jerusalem – The thirdly friday supplications of Ramadan at the Al-Aqsa masjid put together in tenanted eastbound Jerusalem were sandwiched by Israeli the long arm of the law attacks on Palestinians presenting prayers, on the other hand that did not brick wall any 150,000 Palestinians traveling to the masjid to worship, on the authority of the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf.

asian strengths raided the masjid on fr subsequently cockcrow prayers, injuring at littlest 31 Palestinians, including deuce-ace journalists, with rubber-coated bullets, knock out grenades and pull apart gas. asian the long arm of the law aforementioned the surprise attack were in rejoinder to Palestinians throwing rocks.

lachrymator was furthermore pink-slipped subsequently friday prayers, striking Palestinians attending at the stadium of the Rock privileged the Al-Aqsa masjid compound.

Ramadan represents a rare opportunity for some Palestinians from the occupied West Bank to travel to pray at Al-Aqsa [Al Jazeera]

Police protection According to the invasion of the police approaching last weekend, the festival of the past festival provoked a daily conflict with the Palestinians in the mosque and was arrested with many injuries.

On the first day of the Passing festival on April 15, the Israeli army injured at least 158 Palestinians and arrested 400 people. More than a few tens were injured and arrested.

In spite of most of the fear on the ground, the Palestinians say that their continuous presence in Al-Aqsa is essential. “I think people are very important to come to Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa.

You feel that you belong, you feel responsible for our children to teach our land, Al-Aqsa is our religion that we are we feel to teach children, Rana Mohammad He told Al Jazeera. The 36-year-old mother was received from the west coast of Nablus, which was welcome, and her husband and her 5-year-old and Jerusalem of East.

Ramadan represents a palestine rare opportunity on the west coast, while That Palestinian Jerusalems are occupied, and the Israel passport can access Al-Aqsa. Military permit outside of Ramadan.

We hope this little because we can not come on a regular day.

The feeling that is here is something that is not represented by the words I felt that your spirit rejuvenates, and said Mohammad.

The flammable point

The passenger festival is over, the entrance to the mosque is limited to the last 10 Muslim days of Ramadan, and the tension on the soil of Jerusalem and the tension of the west coast that were busy are tall.

The increase in the attack of the Palestinians in Israel brought 14 Israeli assassinations in three weeks. On the other hand, Israel killed at least the 43 Palestinians from the beginning of 2022.

The protest and raids of the Israeli army of Al-Aqsa de Ramadan each week weekly, tried with the Asserton in the world, which occupied the territory of the Palestinian territory And he surrounded Gaza’s strips.

The Al-Aqsa masjid put together has been a considerable criticality between the asian profession and Palestinians for decades, and was the epicenter of the 2000-2005 arab Intifada, or uprising.

The 14-hectare put together is individual of the holiest in Islam, and dwelling-places the Al-Qibli masjid (Al-Aqsa Mosque) and the stadium of the Rock.

Rana came to Al-Aqsa with her son from Nablus [Al Jazeera]

Aya Abu Moussa, a 33-year-old from al-Lydd (Lod) privileged Israel, aforementioned patch she and her kith and kin are panic-stricken of the governmental situation, they be credulous it is far-reaching to resuscitate Al-Aqsa.

“There be required to be a battalion of Palestinians at Al-Aqsa – we cannot authorization it toute seule at all. We contemplate what come to pass to the youthfulness here, we cannot authorization them toute seule Abu Moussa told Al Jazeera, in indication to confrontations at the mosque.

“The bounteous general public that or literary draw nigh – the bounteous they [Israel] testament be apprehensive of marauding it. If thither is not anyone to occlusion them, they testament predispose extremely comfortable. The youthfulness are restricting them,” she continued.

on the authority of Abu Moussa, five-spot comprehensive buses authorization the communities of al-Lydd and al-Ramle (Ramla), in fundamental Israel, every day after day in Ramadan for cockcrow and after hours supplications at Al-Aqsa.

“Ever on account of antepenultimate year’s insurrection in al-Lydd, thither has been bounteous awareness, exceptionally surrounded by awkward age of the grandness of time to come to Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem.

We contemplation they would dispassionate sustenance playacting PUBG, on the other hand no,” she said, referring to a universal personal computer game.

Yasmeen Tibi, a 21-year-old from Nablus in the tenanted westbound Bank, echoed a consubstantial sentiment.

“Our effectiveness is in numbers,” the lincoln undergraduate told Al Jazeera. “Those who are accomplished to or literary draw nigh should come. Every characteristic put together a difference, all the more if we don’t understand it.

Tibi came to Al-Aqsa with her five-spot sisters and her five-spot feminine cousins, each donning conventional arab thobes and a keffiyeh.

“We should not be apprehensive – we are the legitimate possessors of this land. They are the ones who should be afraid,” she said.

Palestinians from the westbound deposit be required to crossbreed over-populous checkpoints and wait for hours previously continuance allowed to participate Jerusalem.

Tibi aforementioned that she and her kith and kin had formerly larboard Nablus at 7am and reached Al-Aqsa at 10am, in a constitutional that was bounteous debilitating that it requisite to be.

“They activated us according to livestocks at the checkpoint. everybody was situated in inconsequential strings and squished together.

We washed-out cardinal hours privileged Qalandiya checkpoint dispassionate inactivity in occupation to crossbreed nailed down Tibi said, referring to the principal checkpoint between the westbound deposit and eastbound Jerusalem.

Israel says that measures are needed for security reasons.

Discovery a course of action in

patch women of each length of existence are allowed to participate without a soldierly countenance on Fridays this Ramadan, by oneself men on top of 50 or boys underneath 12 second childhood full of years were precondition a consubstantial privilege.

Men and boys who did not appropriate those criteria were either artificial to manipulate for a soldierly countenance with no undertake of obtaining one, or constitute over-the-counter distance to enter.

Mohammad, 20, jumped elsewhere the eight-metre-high (26-foot-high) asian split-up partition to constitute it to Al-Aqsa.

contempt the heightened asian security, mohammad managed to constitute it nailed down on with many of his friends. “I came to call upon and to watch over Al-Aqsa from the [Israeli] occupation,” Mohammed, who hailed from the Aqabet Jaber displaced person camping-ground in Jericho, told Al Jazeera.

“Every arab be required to or literary draw nigh here, thanks to the profession raids the mosque, they conflagration pull apart gauze and women are abused here.

“We are artificial to approach them [Israel]. This is our solid ground and the arab general public testament persevere in until liberation.

in the meantime Mohammad Asaad Saeed, a 57-year-old human race from Tulkarem in the blue tenanted westbound Bank, aforementioned the deprivation of management is what show the way to confrontations.

We abolish someone and we started to establish Liberty Al-Aqsa, and Saeed told Al Jazeera. The Palestinians are unprotected.

What you do in conflict with young people, this is not our teenage men, but to end the all-inclusive army. The points with controversy are in our leader.

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