2023 Nigeria Presidential Election: Why I Chose Shettima – Tinubu

Senator Bola Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential candidate, has denied the allegation that he has no regard for Christians.

Tinubu’s choice of Senator Kashim Shettima, a fellow Muslim, as his running mate for the 2023 presidential election has sparked debate.

Tinubu disregarded those who called him a religious bigot all through an interactive session with the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), pronouncing Shettima’s selection had nothing to do with religion.

He cited that he has nothing in opposition to Christianity, the trust of his spouse and children.

“Why Senator Kashim Shettima? Why a same faith ticket? Well, I did now not pick Senator Shettima so that we should form a equal faith ticket. The ticket was once constructed as a equal innovative and people- primarily based ideology ticket. I offer a confession. I chosen Senator Shettima questioning extra about who would quality help me govern.”

“Picking a Christian strolling mate would have been politically easier. But the effortless way is hardly ever the right one. The determination of a strolling mate is at as soon as a very momentous but very intimate decision. Resting such a key choice on religious affiliation as the fundamental weight did now not take a seat properly with me. I am now not pronouncing there have been no longer suitable and ample possible walking mates of the Christian faith. What I am announcing is that the instances we inhabit do not lend themselves to the suitable or adequate. We have urgent issues that lend themselves now not to a Christian or Muslim solution. We want the fantastic solution.

“Every time I thinking about it, and I did suppose a lot; I came to the same conclusion: Kashim Shettima. His belief used to be immaterial. He is a top notch man with finest intellectual capacity. He is studious and exact oriented. Enjoying splendid enterprise skills, Shettima wholly is aware the indispensable distinction between governance and politics.

“This relatively gifted human being has humility of spirit, courage of his convictions and a strongly progressive world view in concord with my personal views on government and its relationship to the governed,” Tinubu said.

The former Lagos State Governor also expressed self belief in Shettima’s abilities, citing the notable lengths he (Shettima) went to in war Boko Haram in his domestic state of Borno, the place he did his fantastic to protect the Christian neighborhood and rebuild damaged churches.

He said, “This man is familiar with the value of our national variety in all of its ramifications, such as religious. He possesses the courage to stand up to those who would ruin that variety and freedom.”

Tinubu, who described all Nigerians as brothers and sisters in the countrywide family, referred to that no one is inherently inferior or optimal to all people else, regardless of faith, origin, social status, or gender.

While citing his historical assist for the church, Tinubu mentioned that his trust in the need for secular government and faith-based organizations to collaborate is not some thing he lately adopted to gain his campaign.

“I never chased people out of Lagos nor made them feel unwanted. Under my administration Lagos welcomed all comers and continues to do so today. After me, Lagos has had one Muslim and two Christian governors. I may now not be perfect. What human being is? But I am now not a petty man secretly wedded to secret biases and prejudices.”

“The rumour that this is some plot to suppress the Christian neighborhood is unfaithful and unfortunate. I can no greater suppress the Christians of this country than I can suppress the Christians in my personal household, my very family. You all recognize my wife is Christian and a pastor. My adolescents are Christians. I can no extra disown them and their preference of trust than I can disown myself. As a husband and father to Christian wife and children, hearing such allegations is hurtful. However, that man or woman pain will no longer deter me from the job at hand.”

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