7.3 – Consultant of the amplitude Sumake Shakes East Japan, Triggers Tsunami?

Fukushima has no reports of victims, which is victims of deadly earthquakes and tsunami attacks 11 years ago.

Japanese meteorological institutions said that a powerful earthquake of 7.3 shook Japan, asked in Tokyo, in Tokyo, promoted the tsunami consultation in the northeast. On Wednesday night, the earthquake on the Fukushima coast, Wedee area, 60 km. At 11:36 in the afternoon, hitting the local time (1436 GMT ), a wave of tsunami of a rice, is emitted for part of the northeast coast.

The Fukushima area was destroyed by the 11 years of 9.0 princes and tsunami, Outtot also caused nuclear plant cover. The Wednesday earthquake occurred only after the 11th anniversary of the disaster on March 11, 2011. Tokyo Electric Power Company. The earthquake shocked most of the East Japan, including Tokyo, the buildings violently volatile.

The authorities warns Fukushima, Miyagi and Shankou County, will expect to hit the car. Prime Minister Fumikidida said that the government is working to assess the extension of damage to the tremor. Public service companies have said on its website that more than 2 million families have no electricity in the Tokyo area attended by earthquakes. There is no direct report on the victim.

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