Apple to Release Fixes for Horizontal Lines Reported by using Some iPhone 14 Pro Users

Apple could release an update for the iPhone 14 Pro that will fix a reported problem of vertical lines on the smartphone. Some iPhone 14 Pro/ Pro Max users had reported horizontal lines that appear on their defenses on incipiency. The lines appear aimlessly and vanish after many seconds. These vertical lines also appear when the iPhone is waking up and this was extensively reported.

Some iPhone 14 Pro customers document horizontal lines, restore incoming

Some iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users have lately reported vertical lines across the screen when waking up from sleep or starting up. According to reports from Reddit users, the lines appear arbitrarily and vanish many seconds latterly.

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Many other Redditors reported that they took their phones to an Apple Store for trying out and were told that there was no tackle problem. rather, Apple claims that it’s an iOS bug. Some claim that the problem began with iOS 16.2, while others claim that it was present in former iOS 16 builds.

According to a response from an Apple support representative to a Reddit stoner who communicated with the company, the company is apprehensive of the ongoing issue, which is anticipated to be resolved soon with a forthcoming update.
There’s presently no specific result to this problem. still, numerous user reports claim that turning off the AOD will resolve this issue. Other results suggest turning off the phone manually rather than letting it time out and resetting the device. still, we recommend that you stay for Apple’s fix, which is anticipated to arrive soon. further information on this subject should come available in the coming days.

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