Arif Khan: The Olympic dream of Kashmiri’s young struggle

Although the family lacks funds and infrastructure, Arif Khan participates in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games as the only one of the only differences.

Singal, Hindu, Kashmir Arif Khan, just learned to walk, when he was in the picturesque meadow of Kashmir in northern India, simply fell a snow sleigh.

He is four, the father of him Muhammad, sir, is the first mentor of him.

Unlike crickets and hockey, winter sports events are unwelcome in India.

However, Kashmir is one of several northern countries in winter sports activities.

Infrastructure or professional help, sweat continues to ski in the snow earrings of 40 km (25 miles) from his house, of which Yasoen has been running 40 years of ski equipment store.

Khan finished 45th in the Giant Slalom and was unable to complete the Slalom event, getting disqualified from the competition after a mistake on the way [File: Wolfgang Rattay/Reuters]

Sweat will allow the tired and the equipment to take the slope and compete for the slope. When the cable car service begins, the speed of the race is in 1998.

But even if there is no team, Khan will work on the slope for a few hours. He became the ski trip from the beginning, when he became the only Indian representative in Beijing’s winter Olympics, reached peak.

Khan completed 45 days in the column of giant obstacles, and unable to complete the incident, he was lost that he will compete on the road.

He said that due to lack of funds, advanced infrastructure, professional coaches and political situation in the region, has become a professional journey has always been a difficult task.

He has seen frequent stirring in the last twenty years.

However, despite all obstacles, the rating rate of the Olympic Games of Winter is an achievement, and Sukier of the locality No description of Hajiban has won a place in the history of sports.

One of the obstacles in him achieving his dreams was the political turmoil in the region [File: Jorge Silva/Reuters]

Khan said, my father presented this sport in Gulmarg in 1994, because he is a daily newspaper and ran a ski equipment store.

He added that when he debuted at the Junior Indian Professional Championships and represent India, he added that it was revealed in 2003 and said he represents India in more than 100 international activities.

During the National Championship, Khan said, most of the game, the sweat said that in 2005, in 2005, he represented India in China, China, the international journey of him won the international journey of him.

Seeing his progress and the Lours he brought, his father focused more on training. He said, hard work to cultivate more skills.

In 2008, when the Khan can finally train in Switzerland, he was surprised at the level of infrastructure, pending and coaches.

What is similar to mountains and snow, which is the same as Kashmir. After two to three weeks after the training, I decided to carry out a professional training, because I do not have international training before, and said sweat, I put my gaze on the Olympic Games.

In 2011, Khan was more driving to sports and won two gold medals in the Asian South Winter game.

But he is not easy to travel to the Olympics. If you want to train abroad, there is financial issues. In those days, we didn’t have much travel [in Kashmir ], we recalled professional training in Europe.

Over the years, I have done more and more people with people and people from Delhi, gave me some financial support. However, this is not a large-scale support.

One of the main obstacles to achieving their dreams is political agitation in the region. In the last decade, the area has witnessed a series of civil respiratory measures, and has been blocked for a few months and has led life to a paralysis.

It also caused significant losses in the Department of Tourism, which is a sustenance of thousands of people in the region, including Harland Father.

In 2016, when the commander of the Burhan Wani rebellion killed by the Safety Forces of India, unleashed a few months of protests. With the stop of life, the revenues of the Khan family have also been affected.

In the last decade, we lost so many trips, this is our only source of income. Those days are very difficult. Spiritual pressure is enormous, with protesters, people almost do not identify a professional athlete.

The Kashmir tourism industry has experienced the most serious crisis in recent years. Many people have lost their work and travel agents, and are looking for opportunities to make livelihoods due to an unstable political situation.

When the coronary virus is popular in 2020, the region has not recovered from the previous setbacks. It’s only this year. After the great popularity began to fall, domestic tourism has begun to pick up.

In those years, it seems that there are no more objectives. Everyone surrender, we can not continue, Khan said, rapidly increased a real thing, if I gave up, then I will not have an opportunity.

My goal is to be in the Olympics. That is a dream. I want to represent India there. I want to show that we belong to winter sports, we have mountains, we have snow, we have beautiful. I want to introduce Kashmir to the rest of the world.

He had little hope of winning a medal but Khan’s expectation in Beijing was to ski down nicely and make it to the finish line [File: Wolfgang Rattay/Reuters]

Yaseen recalled the family’s struggles while being elated at his son’s progress.

“When I brought him here [Gulmarg], we did not have much income. There were few facilities. He struggled, but we remained consistent in making him learn. More than me, my friends are happy over his achievements,” Yaseen said.

“He missed two previous Olympics because of several reasons. Now that he’s done that, you want to go for more and perform better and win medals,” he added.

Rarely wants to win a medal, but Khans hopes to be skiing in Beijing and give it to the final line. This situation is so terrible, if you work hard to complete faster, and there is no chance to complete the game and an event that I tried to do faster, but because some errors, I went out to the game.

To win a medal, you must prepare for 10 years and a large-scale budget. In countries such as India, winter sports are not so popular, it almost has no support and sponsorship or government fund. Khan is now staying at the Olympic Games of 2026.

There will be more opportunities to accept training and travel equipment or travel time. This is also the best time to promote national sports in the Kashmir Valley. Kashmir is over mountainous and snow. He said that our natural game, I hope that this campaign raises the regional economy.

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