Armed group behind Rohingya Leaders murder: Bangladesh police

The Police of the Bangladesh acknowledged that Alsa booked murder of Muhamlandura last year.

The Bangladeshi police have enrolled a leading leader in the armed group ordered the leader of Leo Xingya, saying that he is threatened by its increasingly popular. The murder case in September last year came from the shock, through expansion of the border settlement point, these Rowan’s genetics were successful, escaping violent suppression in neighboring Myanmar.

48-year-old children were taken in the 48-year-old child of Kuoping, the world’s largest refugee settled, his family was accused of redeeming the coordination murder of army Arakan Rohingya (ARSA ). The armed group released the rebellion in Myanmar and was accused of the joy of anti-drug and murder political opponents and instilled the camp.

The security forces often reject Arsa to operate in the camp and blame Ullahs death in an unrelated lawn war. However, the police survey has reached advances in recent weeks, and Tuesday’s proven propagandist probes said 15 people were arrested in relation to the group, because they were arrested in the murder, and four of them have already sent a confession . In his statements, these four affirmed that they were ARSA members, received an indication of Arsa’s leaders to kill Mohib Ullah, said Gazi Salahuddin to AFP.

He said: “The meeting was assassinated in Moraia on September 27. He said that there is a leader in Aila Asia (at the meeting) and asked them to kill him. Salahuddin said he believes that murder is commanded to be commanded by the person in charge of Arsa Ataullah, who is considered to be in Myanmar, due to victims. They think that MoHib Ullah and his organization are more organized and popular than ARSA. So they killed him, he said. MobiB Ullah is working hard to narrative ARSA and improves the understanding of criminal activities.

The armed groups have previously denied any participating murder of the community leaders.

More than 850,000 Luo Xingya lived in the refugee camp in Bangladesh, most of which were Myanmar flights to Burma’s cruel military suppression, and they are now the Ethnicity of the Hague United Nations Supreme Court. SESUB. Working between the chaos and restlessness of the camp, Ullah and his colleague silently recorded his people suffered by the Burmese army because he pressed better.

Former school teachers defeated in 2019, when he protested about 100,000 people in the camp, he went out of Egypt for two years. He also encountered the US President, DonaldTron, in the White House, and held a UN meeting in Geneva.

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