Australian reporter Chenglei faces China’s spy test

Cheng has worked at the CGTN CGTN of the State, since 2020, in Australia, China’s relationship has been arrested.

The Australian reporter Zheng Lei tried in the Court of Beijing detained and was arrested more than 19 months after being arrested. Zheng, he served as a leading business news presentation in Chinese countries, when she was arrested in August 2020, detained a year ago, arrested a year ago, suspected of providing the secrets of foreign state illegally.

On Thursday, about 9:30 (01:30 GMT ), the closed-door hearing of the Beijing People’s Intermediate Court was expected to last for hours. More details on it are unknown, but if the mother is guilty, the two may face the prison of life.

The security of the court outside the court tightened the police and ordinary service officials. According to the Reuters News Agency, recorded in the nearby regions at the entrance to the court and reviewed the reporter’s identification and asked them to escape.

Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne has asked Australian diplomats to participate in the hearing on the Issue of the two countries, but the Australian Ambassador Fracha told reporters that he did not allow him to enter the court.

He added that it describes such a relative decision: we have no confidence in the effectiveness of the actual process.

Australian officials are often visited with the process and see it last at the last March 21.

The country has previously been concerned about Watson’s therapy and the lack of transparency.

In a joint statement, Australian media, entertainment alliance art, international reporter Federation, Australian National Journalism Club and its United States’s homolog, said Zheng Zheng did not have evidence that it has not been evident from anyone.

The statement said that we urge the Chinese government to allow him to restore Australia and condemn his lasting arbitrary detention and secret testing process.

The Chinese court decided approximately 99% of the defendants.

She two children of her and the elderly fathers of her surprised her, unified with her as soon as possible, and said Zheng Jia People in the statement provided to Reuters.

Other foreigners responsible for spyware have been proven to be behind the closed door, including bloggers and Australian writers Yang Hengjun, and the former Canadian diplomatMichael KovrigWho appeared in the same court.

Chengdu has strongly deteriorated in Australia and China.

With Beijing attacked China’s national media home, as part of the investigation of alleged foreign interference.

Zheng Yuan is born in China and moved to Australia as a child with his parents.

As an accountant and the financial analyst work, he later returned to China and joined the national issuer in 2012.

People walk outside the Beijing No 2 Intermediate People’s Court, where Australian journalist Cheng Lei is on trial on spying charges [Florence Lo/Reuters]

Australia and the diplomatic relations of China Canberra insisted on international research on Covid-19 sources, accused of being intervened in its domestic policy and preventing some Chinese investment.

Beijing responded to the commercial export in Australia’s key exports.

Chengs detention and lack of sharpness to their allegations, because their detention is in politics or retaliation of diagnition.

Two Australian journalists, Bill Boles and Michael Smith were traced back to Cheng.

After a few months after the party, the Chinese authorities also stopped Bloomberg News staff, who is Chinese citizen, national security denunciation.

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