Best Apps to Send Money to Nigeria

App to Send Money to Nigeria  There are many applications that you can use to transfer funds to Nigeria. These apps come with unique characteristics that help them different from the rest. The most prominent features are multiple payment options quick transactions, low fees, and so on. To determine which one is the most effective you can make use of for transactions I conducted thorough research and listed and explained the most efficient and safe methods of sending money from abroad to Nigeria. To understand all the applications and the features they offer you can read this article from the beginning to Moneythe end.


Remitly is a mobile application that lets you send money from approved countries in Nigeria. The USA into Nigeria without any hassles. With Remitly you can send money to your relatives in Nigeria without having an account on Remitly. The most efficient method to transfer money via this service is to use the debit or credit card option for quick delivery. Please note that the money is sent as well as received Us dollars only.

If you are sending money to Nigeria It is essential to provide the recipient with the easiest method to receive the money. For example, money can be directly transferred to a domiciliary account of the recipient or the recipient can pick it up from Remitly, the support service for bank transactions.

To allow your recipient to receive money at a particular place, you need to give them a reference number to get confirmation of payment. The banks that Remitly pays for pickup in Nigeria include Polaris Bank, UBA bank, GTB bank, FCMB, Union bank, Firstbank, Access, Fidelity, e.t.c.


Transfer wise, also known as WISE is an app that lets you send money at a cheaper cost from foreign nations in Nigeria or other destinations. The app is used by more than 12 million users and it allows its users to receive money in nine currencies.

World remit

World Remit is among the top platforms for sending money from abroad in Nigeria. It has an exchange rate that is higher and lower charges for transfers, as well as it can transfer money more quickly. Remit is home to more than 2 million users and is considered to be the most secure and safe money transfer service.

World Remit offers a variety of choices for sending money to Nigeria It is possible to send money using cash picks, bank transfers, to mobile, money as well as airtime topping up. When you transfer funds through the bank, recipients need to have a domiciled account.


Westernunion is well known and reputable money transfer service that helps send money from abroad to Nigeria. It is dependable and speedy when it comes to sending money anywhere in the world. If you want to send money to Nigeria through western union you can pick the cash pick-up method or the bank for a quick and quick transfer. For more information regarding western union check their website.

RIA Money Transfer

Ria is among the biggest international companies for money transfers worldwide. It was established in 1987 and has since been able to serve 507,00 locations across 160 countries. The maximum amount you can obtain in Nigeria by using the ria card is $500. the money you send is only available in dollars.

Ria offers three options for making money transfer such as bank transfer, debit, and credit card. All of these are safe and quick. When you transfer money to someone else the recipient has to supply the identity of the person and a pin issued to the person sending it, as well as the amount to be paid prior to receiving the money.


Eversend is an online money transfer service that guarantees low-cost and speedy transactions. It is among the most reliable financial platforms which you can use to transfer cash to Nigeria without losing your cash. Eversend is a multi-currency e-wallet that allows users to change, save and transfer money immediately at the highest rates available – inside and outside of Africa.

Eversend lets you make quick bank transactions into Nigeria bank accounts. Furthermore, it lets you create an online debit card you can make use of to shop online and reduce the cost amount of online transactions. They also support trading and holding different currencies, such as USD, EUR, NGN, KES, UGX, RWF and GBP.

With Eversend, you can transfer funds in the direction of Nigeria via any one of the nations and continents below.

Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands.

Africa: Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Swaziland.

Rest of the World: Australia, Canada, India, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, United States, South Korea, Kuwait.

Sendcash Africa

Sendcahsafrica is an internet-based money transfer service that makes the process of the transfer of money to Nigeria simple by using the peer-to-peer payment method. The rate of charges for sendcash is minimal, and they transfer funds directly to the bank account of the recipient when you have sent the money.

Through sendcash you can make payments of up to $2500 per day you will receive a payment hyperlink from family, clients, and even friends, and also convert directly from Nigerian naira into US dollars during transactions.

Sendcash offers two ways of making money transfers which include bitcoin and wire transfers. If you transfer money with bitcoin through the website, you won’t be charged any transaction fees. Visit the website of their company or install their app to find out more about the company.


Payoneer is an online payment platform that offers Nigerians the chance to send and receive money from abroad. If you create an account on Payoneer it will provide you with an account number for your bank that allows you to make or receive money in US dollars or euros, as well as pounds and pounds without error. Payoneer charges a small cost for transactions and their customers are able to make payments using the debit card and credit cards.


Sending money using bitcoin from overseas is the most effective and widely popular way to transfer cash to Nigeria. It’s quick, secure, and doesn’t cost any fees during transactions. With a wallet address that is unique, you can get money from abroad and then exchange it for dollars in Nigeria. To begin using bitcoin all you have to do is to register on the digital wallet platform such as Luno, Trust wallet, Blockchain, Coinbase, and others. You can create an account on bitcoin and then send your address to your wallet to receive money whenever someone needs to transfer money from overseas.


Moneygram is among the most dependable, oldest reliable and reliable methods to transfer cash to Nigeria from outside. When you transfer money using Moneygram all you need to do is to log into your account, then enter the information of the recipient, the method by which the money would be received and the amount to be sent. There are two ways of paying money: you can pay with either your debit or your bank account.

MoneyGram is a global company with more than 350,000 agents across the world and is a partner to more than 350 banking institutions across the globe. They are considered to be the second best method for sending money to an overseas nation (Nigeria). For more information about them, please go to their website.


Paystack is an internet-based payment service that is based throughout Nigeria and Africa completely. It’s a platform for payments that lets you receive cash within Nigeria through a transfer URL created through your account to the money-sending company.

While it isn’t an organization for money transfers but it still allows simple transactions. The method of payment that is used to transfer money via the site is a debit card and the transaction made with this method is quick and safe.


Flutterwave is also an internationally-based money transfer service that allows you to transfer money to Nigeria conveniently and safely. It’s quicker to transfer cash to Nigeria. Flutterwave allows you to transfer money directly to your beneficiary’s bank account. Visit their website to find out more about them.


Azimo is an internationally-based company that transfers money established in 2012 and licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority to operate as an online money bank (FRN). It’s quick to transfer money from abroad to Nigeria and is 77% less expensive than the other providers.

When you transfer money using Azimo the recipient will receive a message providing the address of the bank to which will pay the money to. Azimo is available 24 hours a day and they can transfer funds to Nigeria from abroad faster.


TransferGo is an internationally-based money transfer service that makes sending money abroad to Nigeria simple. It’s fast to transfer money, and the cost isn’t too complicated. It has more than 3.5 million customers around the world, and they are authorized and licensed payment companies regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and overseen by HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue) and Customs).

Transfergo is a currency exchange service that supports 41 currencies in more than 160 countries. With TransferGo it is possible to send money at no cost and earn a commission of up to 20 euros per guest you bring.

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