Biden is still prioritizing Asia and Pacific in the Ukrainian war.

The world Ukrainian war, including the Asia-Pacific, including Asia and the Pacific, says US Singapore PM President.

The US President in Joe Biden, the war, the international order of the government, including Asia and the Pacific, which increases in Washington, including international order, including Asia and the Pacific.

According to the White House with the Singapore Prime Minister in the White House, he said that Hazin Long, who all countries have the right to integrate the territory and sovereignty, regardless of the amount or population.

“The country of the Putin war in all regions of the world is not only in Europe, but also unacceptable in all regions of the world”, Biden told reporters. It is a main international principle that supports peace and security and prosperity in the attack of the main international principles

Li said: Li said Russia infringed Ukraine and stated that it must respect sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity of all countries

.This meeting continues the results of the Chinese in China and contributes to Russia in Ukraine, and affects the impact of the influence of Beijing in Asia and the Pacific, affecting and affecting it.

Although Ukraine’s conflict dominates, Biden said that his competent authorities strongly support quickly move to implement India – Pacifí strategy.

The Biden government announced in February, promised to cause more diplomatic and security resources to boycott the proposal of the Chinese to create a regional range.

Biden also said on Tuesday that he wants to ensure that the area is still free and open to the White House is considered to be a reference to chasing international trade routes from China.

Because of its part, Li Mun promotes the link between the United States. UU and Southeast Asian countries (ASEAN ), saying it helps to emerge in the Asia Pacific region and deepen their relationship with many friends, strengthen their relationship strategy. Interest in the area.

Ukraine’s war has had a negative impact on the Indian Pacific, which has faced a lot of complex challenges.

The opportunities and challenges of Togados, the 21st century are still more in-depth cooperation between us, and Biden and Lee are also expressed in the joint statement.

China Competition Biden does not mean that Singapore is able to participate in all leaders on March 28 because of the 10 leader of ASEAN host, such as Singapore, one of the best ASEAN groups.

US government officials told the correspondent that the White House is trying to rebuild the event plan.

We believe watching passed and tries to try this. Lima Vice President Lima, deputy US Department of Defense Austin (Lloydustin), Singapore, visited Singapore last year last year, secretary of Singapore.

Biden Lee said Lee and the last G20 summit in Rome.

Singapore is a great financial and commercial center and heard details of the US financial framework for India Pacific (IPEF ).

At the same time, the Ukrainian war grabbed the United States, the relationship of China, Washington promoted Beijing, who took a neutral position on the conflict and urged the increasing improvement in Russia.

Bilateral links between the United States and China have been in a series of topics, including Taiwan, South China Sea and Beijing Human Rights.

South China Seajön at sea, the paragraphs said to build artificial islands and develop artificial island and develop a rocky band at the military base and claim coastal guards and claimed almost all coastal and maritime guards.

In his Tuesday statement, Biden and Lee supported ASEAN’s leadership efforts to develop an effective and practical behavioral code for legitimate rights and benefits from all parties.

They also stop North Korea as the new new type of ballistic missile, stop such release and return to negotiations through the weapon.

We return to the trading table for North Korea to refrain from more provocations and serious diplomacy.

So far, North Korea refused to appeal to the United States for direct conversations with nuclear and missile programs.

Ukraine is negotiating At the same time, Russia expanded military operations in Ukraine to see Washington and Allies to know about Russia says Washington (Washington) and allies continue to penalties in Ukraine.

Well, look, if you continue what you offer, he told reporters. You will continue to see what happens.

Warehouse At the beginning of the third day, negotiations in Ukraine and Russia collected negotiations of Istanbul, Turkey, after some earlier rounds of negotiations to complete the conflict failed.

Warehouse Moscow is ready to cultivate mainly military operations near the capital of Kyiv and Northern Chernigov, as long as the Deputy Minister Alexander F.M. Not said that these efforts to increase confidence in negotiations is sad.

Warehouse Warehouse In Ukraine, the negotiations declared that they were prepared to take a neutral state of the main requirements of Russia when an international agreement to which other countries will serve as Ukrainian insurers will go to their location. Warehouse

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