Biden says U.S. forces would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion

U.S. President Joe Biden said U.S forces would shield Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion, his most explicit statement on the issue, drawing an irritated response from China that stated it sent the wrong signal to these seeking an independent Taiwan.

Asked in a CBS 60 Minutes interview broadcast on Sunday whether or not U.S. forces would protect the democratically ruled island claimed through China, he replied: “Yes, if in fact, there used to be an unprecedented attack.”

Asked to clarify if he intended that not like in Ukraine, U.S. forces – American guys and girls – would protect Taiwan in the match of a Chinese invasion, Biden replied: “Yes.”

The CBS interview was once simply the state-of-the-art time that Biden has appeared to go beyond long-standing mentioned U.S. policy on Taiwan, but his assertion was once clearer than preceding ones about committing U.S. troops to the shield the island.

The United States has lengthy stuck to a coverage of “strategic ambiguity” and no longer making clear whether or not it would respond militarily to an attack on Taiwan.

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