Biden’s Barbed Remark About Putin: A Slip or a Veiled Threat?

Poland – was one of the last words of a carefully crafted speech. But they were far from the delicate balance that President Joe Biden tried to strike during the three days of wartime diplomacy in Europe.

“For God, this man can’t maintain power,” Biden said on Saturday, his rhythm slowed down for emphasis. At first glance, he seemed to want Russian President Vladimir Putin to be expelled in his brutal invasion of Ukraine. However, Biden’s aides quickly argued that the statements made outside the castle, which had served as the home of the Polish monarch for centuries, were not intended as an appeal for a change of power. .

Whatever his intentions, the moment emphasized that Biden scrutinized the two challenges he faced at the three extraordinary summits in Belgium and the impact of the war from Poland.

To World War III. To achieve his first goal, Biden has spent much of his travels to draw the world’s attention to Putin’s atrocities since the war began on February 24th.

He urged further steps to close the Russian economy.

He reiterated America’s commitment to protect NATO allies from any threat. He called Putin a “butcher” and caused

havoc in Ukrainian cities and people.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Putin’s fate was not in the hands of the US president. After Biden finished his speech, Peskov told reporters, “It’s not up to Biden to decide.”

“The Russian president is elected by the Russians.”

Even though he had a mission to rally his colleagues, Biden and his aides decided to avoid actions that Putin could use as an excuse to initiate a larger and more dangerous conflict.

“Russia cannot justify or provoke its choice of war,” Biden said in his Saturday night speech.

“It is one example of the oldest human impulsion-robust power and ISFINATIFICATION to meet the desire of absolute power and control.

” In Cross Door Discussion in NATO, more than 3 leaders are repeated and our army has not been sent to Russia.

And despite the hopeless requirements for additional help of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President Ukraine, the bidet opposed the use of NATO or U.

fighter to ensure the airspace of Russian attack countries. Since 1945, the trip to Wednesday has reached an important moment for his president and the world, in the midst of the largest war in Europe since 1945.

The original Donald Clamp tested the decision and cooperation within the NATO alliance in four years after four years of doubt his relevance, and discovered the

first isolated policy of the United States.

For the largest part of overseas, Bidigingen was able to stay at the embassy after the foreign policy surveillance of the veterans-the reality of the comments of his last name in the future of Putin.

“This message of unity needs to be heard to convince Putin to reduce the goals of the war and end the atrocities,” said Charles Kupchan, a senior researcher on the Council on Foreign Relations. ..

“This is what Ukrainians need to hear to encourage them to continue fighting, and that Europeans calm their nerves and the United States is fully committed to their defense.

That’s what we need to hear to reassure them.

” Still, the president finished his trip on Saturday, returning with severe uncertainty about brutal and nervous violence, with few concrete answers as to when and how the war would end.

Russia’s senior commander signaled on Friday that Moscow is reducing its war objectives, saying that occupying Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and other major cities is not a priority.

Colonel General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia, General Sergey Rudskoy, said in an official statement that the military would instead “focus on the main points: the complete liberation of Donbus.

” The Kremlin supported the separatist rebellion. Government officials say Russia’s withdrawal to Donbus would be a significant failure for Putin, who elicited international contempt for his aggression and disrupted Russia’s economy with the weight of global sanctions. say.

If Putin decides to limit the scope of the battle, it will present a new diplomatic challenge to Biden, who has used the horrors of a full-scale war to rally the world against the Russian invasion.

If Putin decides to push back part of his army, it can be more difficult-whether as a real retreat or as a strategic ploy.

However, at this point, most of Ukraine is besieged and the country’s troops are showing fierce resistance. On Saturday, as Biden was preparing his speech, a Russian missile fell into the city of Lviv near the Polish border in western Ukraine.

Missiles attacked or near suspicious oil storage facilities, and thick black smoke swirled throughout the city.

At least 5 people were injured. Putin’s thoughts remained cloudy when Biden boarded Air Force 1 to return to Washington on Saturday night.

It all becomes a daunting task for Biden, who was determined to end the US 2-year war in Afghanistan and is now facing the challenge of managing the response to another war.

He has also received high praise from the Republicans for sending over $ 2 billion in military and security aid to Ukraine to strengthen its ability to thwart Russian troops.

He then joined European leaders by imposing devastating sanctions on Russia’s economy and putting immeasurable pressure on the most ardent supporters of Russian leaders.

When Biden visited Brussels, NATO announced that it would deploy additional troops to the member countries closest to Russia.

This is an effort that Biden said would

send Putin a message of determination.

The president also announced $ 1 billion in humanitarian aid to Poland and other countries that have accepted 3.5 million people fleeing the fighting in Ukraine.

Mr Biden said the United States would open its borders to 1, Ukrainian refugees.

Ian Lesser, Managing Director of the German Marshall Foundation in Brussels, said: “In that sense, the president’s journey made a big impression,

” he said. However, the president also garnered criticism from Zelensky for refusing to enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

“Your advantage in the sky is like using weapons of mass destruction,” Zelensky told Biden and other NATO leaders at a private meeting Thursday.

“And you see today’s results. How many people were killed and how many peaceful cities were destroyed.

” When Biden asked his allies about limiting Russia’s ability to profit from the sale of oil and gas, he reached the limits of European action.

Europe gets most of its energy from Russia, and Biden once again said he was very reluctant to make a decision to reduce its lifeline.

Instead, the president has announced a longer-term plan to help Europeans stop using Russian fuel.

Jeremy Bash, former President Barack Obama’s top adviser to both the Pentagon and the CIA, called Putin’s war a “geopolitical earthquake” and a “unique intergenerational competition” that quickly adapted Biden to one adaptation.

The changing world of security and diplomacy.

“President Biden is currently the commander-in-chief of four wars at once,” Bash said on Saturday.

“Economic warfare, information warfare, perhaps cyber warfare, and unprecedented indirect military warfare against Putin.

And so far, Putin has failed to achieve any of his goals.”

Some of the government’s most enthusiastic supporters of the world’s foreign policy world quickly rebuked the president for appearing to seek Putin’s expulsion. Richard Haass, chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, called it “undisciplined revocation at the risk of extending the scope and duration of the war.

” U.S. officials still argue that their goal is not a change of power in Moscow, but even the president’s top national security adviser has revealed that Putin wants to be strategically weakened. ..

“At the end of the day, the Russian people will ask more fundamental questions about why this happened and how it happened,” said Jake Sullivan.

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