Boris Johnson has warned Russian

Boris Johnson has warned Russian president Vladimir Putin that any invasion of Ukraine will backfire spectacularly.

The top minister stated any efforts to destabilise Nato might best serve to reinforce it – hours after his counterpart in Moscow raised the possibility of nuclear war.

An expected 130,000 troops are massed on Ukraine’s borders and Moscow has demanded sweeping modifications to defence preparations in Europe.

President Putin desires Nato presence in Eastern Europe and the Balkans scaled again to stages closing visible withinside the mid-1990s.

Western countries have spoke back to the aggression via way of means of bolstering troop numbers in nations near Russia’s border and via way of means of imparting Ukraine with navy support.

Diplomatic efforts are persevering with however president Putin has warned Europe now no longer to get sucked right into a combat in opposition to some other nuclear power.

Mr Johnson’s feedback come after it changed into showed 350 British squaddies are being despatched to shore up operations in Poland and that plans to ship RAF Typhoon opponents and warships also are below consideration.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson met with generals in Kyiv when he held talks with the Ukrainian president last week

Writing in The Times, he said ‘will not flinch now’ and that Britain will remain ‘unconditional and immovable’  in supporting the Nato defence alliance.

He added: ‘If he launches another invasion, he will force the West to bring about much of what he seeks to prevent. In fact this is already happening.

‘Because of his build-up, America, France, Italy and other allies are deploying forces to Nato’s south-eastern flank, just as the UK reinforces the northeast.

‘Nor could there be a more compelling argument for the necessity of Nato than the sight of Russian tanks invading a European country once again.

‘So I hope the Kremlin might yet realise how its objectives would not be served by inflicting still greater destruction and bloodshed on Ukraine.’

Both foreign secretary Liz Truss and defence secretary are due to fly to Moscow for talks with their opposite numbers.

Diplomatic efforts to avoid an incursion are ongoing but a huge gulf remains between Russia’s demands and what Nato is willing to compromise on.

A military instructor teaches civilians to use Molotov cocktails
A military instructor teaches civilians to use Molotov cocktails during a training session at an abandoned factory in the Ukrainian capital
Moscow’s important demand – a proper assure that Ukraine is in no way allowed to enroll in the navy alliance – is out of the query for Western allies.

The UK troops being despatched to Poland will be a part of one hundred Royal Engineers already stationed there as a part of a Nato deployment.

Poland has visible anxiety on its border with Belarus in current months after its president, a key best friend of president Putin, opened a backdoor for asylum seekers to attain Europe.

There have been clashes at the border as heaps flew from the Middle East with the purpose of crossing the land border into the EU, a destabilising manner Belarus changed into accused of encouraging.

Last-ditch international relations is continuing, with French president Emmanuel Macron for my part attractive to president Putin to deescalate all through talks in Moscow the previous day.

While he struck a greater placid tone in a number of his post-speak comments, the Russian chief additionally raised the possibility of nuclear escalation.

He acknowledged Moscow’s navy electricity is ‘incomparable’ with that of Nato however warned his u . s . is nonetheless ‘one of the main nuclear states’.

He added: ‘There can be no winners, and you’ll be pulled into this war towards your will.’

US president Joe Biden changed into in Germany the previous day and insisted there has been nonetheless a non violent direction out of the crisis.

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