Brazilian central bank worker playing Miami’s Holiday Chief

The Brazilian Central Bank team voted on Monday for unlimited strikes as of April 1 due to the increase in unanswered salary.

The central bank workers’ strike could affect the stability of the wildly popular Pix instant payment system and other data releases such as the Focus survey of economists [File: Adriano Machado/Reuters]

Brazilian Central Bank employees starting to strike on Friday, threatening to threaten PIX’s stability Pox instant payment system and other data release.

With Brazil’s two-digit inflation, the public sector strike in recent months has become more common, interrupted the daily action of the government, and leads to the headache of Jair Bolsonaro because he seeks to reiterate in October.

The Central Bank of Central Headrobertocamposnois is a remarkable central bank during a remarkable dictionary trip. Brazil in Brazil voted on Monday, who began strike on April 1 because of the lack of increased wage increases. So far, the partial end affects the launch of economic indicators and other data.

In Friday, Fabio Faiad, Chairman of the Workers’ Alliance, said it expects 60% to 70% of workers to comply with strikes, which may affect PIX and other data versions, such as focus survey economists.

At the moment of Faiadberoin√≥ on his Friday, the Campstos holiday. Regrettably, in such an important moment, the President of the Central Bank went to Miami, which didn’t help us to find solutions to this crisis.

CamposNeto, which has been vacation, has been gathered with the workers’ representatives, but FAIAD said that the meeting is fiasco, without proposal.

The Central Bank did not immediately respond to the request for comments.

The Central Bank Pix meant that the system has achieved great success in Brazil and won international bonuses.

This system is free for people and allows instant payment and transfer.

In 15 months after launch, we used 67% of the population of 6.7 trillion wins ($ 1.36) in Brazil ($ 1.36), using a recent credit card and credit card.

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