Brent Renaud: American journalist lost in Ukraine

The regional police of Kiev said that the Russian army opened a fire in another reporter near the automobile and capital of Brentid.

When he and a colleague were in the capital, Kiev, the regional police and government officials, a colleague met an American reporter killed in Ukraine. The Russian army opened fire in another reporter by Brent Rebud and Irburn, northwest of the capital of approximately 10 km (6 miles), said Kyiv police in a statement on Sunday. He said that injured journalists were sent to Kyiv Hospital. Ukrainian Minister Anton Herashchenko, consultant, confirmed the telegraph channel event. The Russian authorities did not comment immediately. A reporter who was treated in the hospital said he and a colleague stopped after a bridge on the Bridge of Ilbra. Juan Arredondo told the Italian reporter Annalisa Camilli before being photographed before receiving the hospital, and then hitting his colleague with him on his neck, and left on the ground before. Camir told the federal press that when Arredondo arrived, he arrived at the hospital and stopped at the Russian point of control, his own injured, hit on a lower back. He told Camil when they were in front of a check stand, he and the received refugees fled the area. The arrow turned it, but tentacles were added, arranged.

Arredondo said that the ambulance took him to the hospital and left a condemnation. Leswew York Times, responding to Ryan is the report of the reporter of the document, he worked for this, but he did not assign in Ukraine. An article spokesperson said on Twitter, we heard the death of Brent Renuds very sad and named the reporters he killed. Brent is a talented film producer, which has contributed to New York Times for many years. The early report is distributed for the early report, because he is already a time badge for many years. He asked the report that the White House National Security Consultant Jake Sullivan told the CBS message, that is, the US government will consult with the Ukrainian to determine all this, then it will perform the appropriate consequences. This is the Russian that Russians have pointed out, and it is part of the part of the hospital’s public aggression, which has pointed out the worship, and has a specific reporter, Salino said.

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