A British woman die on a wheelchair in Spain after a car ploughed

A British woman in a wheelchair has died in Spain after a car ploughed into her on a pedestrian crossing, reports say.

Her husband is in intensive care following the incident in Fuengirola, on the Costa del Sol, following the incident at around 5pm on Tuesday.

The elderly couple were rushed to hospital but it was confirmed on Wednesday evening that the unnamed woman had succumbed to her succumbed to her injuries.

The man is believed to have been pushing his wife’s wheelchair on the crossing but had become stuck, according to local reports.

The driver is believed to have been blinded by the sun before failing to spot them.

Police are investigating but the driver, reportedly passed breath and drug tests and was stopped and identified.

Neither of the two Brits has been named and police have yet to make any official comment.

Elderly woman killed & husband fighting for life after horror crash while pushing her wheelchair on pedestrian crossing Marbella
The pair were both rushed to hospital but the woman died of her injuries there (Picture: Google Maps)

The area where the incident occurred is near to where Fuengirola’s annual fair takes place.

Police will report to a local investigating magistrate who will then decide whether the driver should face criminal charges.

He has been described as a private hire driver, though it is not known which company he works for.

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