Can COVID make your brain shrink?

Recently, Oxford University reveals changes in the brains of the brain after atrophilic virus, including mild symptoms experience.

We already know that some time COVID-19 can affect the nervous system. Some of the contracted SARS-COV-2 viruses have suffered a range of nervous system complications, including confusion, stroke, concentration, headache, sensory change, depression, and even mental illness, initial infection.

Now, researchers at the University of Oxford have made the first important partners to review 785 cerebral explorations, of which they are 51 to 81 years old, of which 401 years of age, Covid, 384 people did not. There is an average of 141 days between the positive of Covid and the second brain scan. This study showed that those who prove positive Covid people were more than general brain contraction and more gray compression and tissue injuries.

Although the study identifies some light in the persistent symptoms of Long Covid, I will carefully deal with the results of the survey of a large number of people before carrying out more research. The researchers said that even the effects of the elderly in the treatment of the hospital are more obvious, even those who have mild symptoms have some changes. Although 96% of the participants were infected, we saw a greater gray volume, as well as tissue damage in infected participants, supposedly speaking in the study. They also show higher intelligence capabilities to decrease in complex tasks, and this mental deterioration is related to these usual parts of the brain. When the alpha variant dominates in the United Kingdom, the study is carried out, and it is unlikely to include any infected person with δ variants. The researchers have not yet been said that if the vaccination of the Covid is any effect on the condition.

Your own explorations revealed changes in various parts of the Covid shrink, including:

2. Great thickness and tissue thickness reduces the comparison of pancreatic acid skin and kindergarten tumors. Orbitofrontal Cortex is part of the bonus, emotion and fluctuations of emotions and sadness. It also participates in cognitive functions and decisions. ParahipPocampalgiro plays an important role in controlling our emotions and its important role in recovering memory and consciousness and spatial processing. We have seen the symptoms of depression, anxiety and cerebral fog, after COVID infection, people are susceptible to memory problems in memory issues.

2. A greater change in the tissue damage zone of the main olfactory cortex is functionally connected. This is part of the brain processed and perceived; It also helps smell odor and some memories and survival reactions. The loss of the olfactory is the symptom of KID of, which can be explained why.

3. The global brain is lower, which means that after the positive test of COVID, the participant’s brain is smaller than the scan before infection.

According to researchers, our brain is reduced with age, our brain will be unexpectedly reduced, which is a gray daily loss, an average of 0.2% and 0.3% in researchers.

However, the study found that those who signed COVIDs even lost 0.2% and 2% between people who signed COVIDs even more mild cases. The study also found that participants in COVID show greater efficiency and attention when performing complex cognitive tasks.

Oxford’s research is the first study of this direct contact between the COVID infection and brain changes. To provide us with some forms of explanation of innumerable neurological symptoms of long complaints from Covid, although researchers emphasize more research. We do not know if changes in the brain show long-term or permanent in this study, or if they will be the same for young people, usually (but not always ) obtain a soft coveted symptom. Since the study of alpha variants, there is a need for more work to sign the contract of Delta and Omicron variants to find out if similar changes have been discovered. The time of the study also means that vaccinated participants are unlikely. Now, use as many people vaccines, know if the vaccine provides a protective layer

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