Catherine Kasavuli Biography, Wikipedia, Cause Of Death, Age, Networth, Career, Family, Relationship

Catherine Kasavuli Biography, Wikipedia, Cause Of Death, Age, Networth, Career, Family, Relationship

Catherine Kasavuli Biography

Catherine Kasavuli is a outstanding and executed media girl whose route in the media started as early as 1980 as a radio continuity announcer.


Catherine was born and reared in the Nairobi West neighborhood, and she received her education at the illustrious and very successful Ngara Girls High School.

Kasavuli’s Career

Catherine started her career in the media in 1980, when she was once solely 18 years old, when she was employed through a radio station as a continuity announcer.

After some time had handed in 1985, Catherine entered the field of tv production.

Although she made a few extra coins voicing advertisements, the first-rate TV presenter who would later demand top notch pay applications began her profession with just Sh1,500 per month. Later on, she would come to command top notch pay packages.

Catherine used to be a attractive cinema siren in her younger years, regardless of the reality that she is now becoming older. Her dress experience was once out of this world, and her voice used to be just wonderful. Her face was the epitome of what it intended to be beautiful.

Kasavuli Family

Martin Kasavuli was born in 1981, and Catherine is a very proud mother of her son, who goes via the identify of Catherine. Catherine, when questioned about her connection with her son, admits that she regrets the fact that she was once unable to be there for positive periods all through her son Martin Kasavuli’s adolescence owing to the demands of her profession.

Cause Of Death

On October 26, the news that she had been admitted to KNH used to be made public, and the country without delay went into shock. Because the seasoned journalist frequently appeared on TV in a cheerful and animated manner, many Kenyans were unaware that she used to be present process cure for cancer. After hearing these upsetting rumors, a lot of things befell very quickly. As Kasavuli’s situation persisted to worsen, his household appealed with the community for urgent donations of blood.

The widely wide-spread journalist surpassed away on Friday, December 30, prompting a length of national mourning in the United States. In spite of her many accomplishments in the media sector, consisting of being honored with the Order of the Grand Warrior of Kenya at the Jamhuri Day Celebrations in 2008, she remained a modest character until the quit of her life.

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