China promotes the investment curve of unprecedented investors in Egypt

The National Development and Reform Commission reduces the list of restricted departments from 123 to 117.

China will allow local and foreign investors to obtain more economic sectors after cutting the negative list of their so-called access to the market.

China’s national planners issued a list of shortened industries, which are restricted or prohibited by investors.

According to a document released by the National Development and Reform Commission, 117 industries covered in 2022, from 2020 to 2020.

Industries on the gradually reduced list in recent years are open to all investors and do not require special approval.

Business professor and China Administration Managers, the University of Sydney University, said Hund Scork, said that the movements of economic liberalization have been in the work.

Hendrischke Al Jazera said that China’s enterprise departments and economists have caused greater changes in economists in China, and the government is still adhering to gradually reform, such as pilot areas. So I think this is just a beauty change.

The launch of the list is from China to work hard from China after invading Ukraine Russia. On Thursday, the International Finance Research Institute said that the unprecedented output of the shares and China bonds may be related to flies.

China refused to sign the invasion and sanctions of Moscow military offensive, although expressed concern about conflicts.

The Chairman of Joe Biden is threatened if it provides material support for the war, threatening China’s unfounded consequences.

Negative mode of capital output

The Chief Economist of Asia and the Pacific of Natixis in Hong Kong, Gerisia, Garca Herrero, told Beijing Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, will pay attention to China Egypt.

Of course, a disgusting currency or creating riots are time, but I think Garca Herrero A Al Jazera said they are very worried about this.

Garca Herrero said Beijing can regard foreign investment as a deterrent to Russia’s sanctions in Russia. First increase interdependence. More foreign direct investments have more and more contact China, and there are large-scale more and more countries must follow the path similar to [Russia.

She said, you basically get support. So they want to open and capture investors who will do. Second, of course, this means financing. You can now reverse the highly negative capital outlets.

In recent years, there have been more industries in China, including financial services, although the country’s investment environment of foreign investors is still an analysis of the US national sector. UU The best destination of China of the United States Direct Investment in 2020 was partly due to the negative impact of the popularity of Covid-19 in other economies.

According to the statistics of the United Nations Trade and Development Conference, China attracted the combustion rate this year, compared to US $ 13.4 billion.

At the same time, Beijing launched a series of sweeping in private companies in the movement of ordinary prosperity, which increased the research of technology, real estate and private education.

The economic expert of China, Hengli, said in an economic expert at the University of New South Wales, Beijing has an incentive to attract investments, but uncertainty continues to be a future economic policy, lack of transparency and only resolution mechanisms of disputes of investor care.

Hetold Al Jazera is important for economic development and employment opportunities. Foreign investors can also bring technology.

On the other hand, you can see how to develop regulatory services related to negative listings.

This exceeds a negative list, which involves a wider range of regions, and resolves taxes on protection and intellectual property disputes.

It is how to solve the problem of opening the market and strengthen supervisory problems.

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