China resisted the most difficult Russian response and EU of Frank Summit

Chinese leaders told the EU counter to promote Ukraine peace in their own way, which will drive offset more difficult methods.

China provides a guarantee that will seek peace in Ukraine, because the group has a more difficult position in Russia.

In the EU EU’s first summit two years, Li Keqiang told the EU leaders who believe that Beijing will improve peace in their own way, and President Xi Jinping has established relationships with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He said that the European Union will Take an independent approach to Ou Mai near the relationship with the United States.

The EU told Beijing during the Virtual Summit during the Virtual Summit, not allowing Moscow to circumvent Western sanctions against Ukraine Russia violations.

Ursula Von Der Limen, president of the European Commission, said that the leaders of both parties have clearly exchanged opinions in many themes, but express China will use its important forces and permanent members of the United Security Council to let Russia persuade Russia from blocking battles. . .

We call China to help end the War of Ukraine. Charles Michel President Charles Michel President Charles, unable to violate international laws in Russia. Since the first summit from December 30, 2020, Charles Michel, Chairman of the European Commission, expressed a sub-meeting with Feng Delisson.

He said that any attempt to avoid sanctions or provide assistance to Russia will extend the war. China has been adhering to Russia’s more security and economic contacts, refused to condemn Russia designed a special military operation in Ukraine, or called invasion.

Beijing has repeatedly criticized responsibility is illegal and unilateral Western sanctions. In the invasion of the invasion of the invasion, China and Russia announced the ultimate association. XI tells the EU leaders that the root cause of the Ukrainian crisis is the regional safety and tension in Europe, and the basic solution is to adapt to all relevant partial legal safety issues in accordance with national management global period.

Li Peng said that China has been seeking peace and promoting negotiations, and is willing to continue to play a constructive role with the international community. According to reports, the State Station’s CCTV.

Before the meeting, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Zhao Lijian warned that China did not agree with the question of sanctions, and we oppose unilateral sanctions and unilateral sanctions and long-term jurisdictions in international law.

Zhao said, talking about Ukraine, Beijing will not be forced to choose one or a simple friend or enemy method. In particular, we should resist the confrontation of ideological cold war and blocks in the neighborhood.

Alsorryó in the United States as an attacker. Warehouse Warehouse As a criminal crime and Ukrainian crime, the United States led to NATO to Nato to participate in five decades in the past two decades after 1999 in the past two decades, he said that NATO members are close As more 16 to 30 countries and pressed in Russia. Step one step.

Warehouse Warehouse Michelle and LIE describe the tone of the peak as open and straightforward. Warehouse Warehouse China is concerned that the signs of the United States died. Uu and participate in a more complex line of foreign policy.

In 2019, the EU drastically changed its usual soft diplomatic language to mark competitors of China system. Warehouse The EU also joined the United States and the United Kingdom to authorize Chinese officials to violate human rights in Xinjiadanda persecution in Hong Kong.

Warehouse Warehouse Beijing originated when frozen the implementation of the agreed investment agreement included.

The accuracy with the suspended alps imported from Lithuania Athattatwan opened Ambassador Vilnius de Facto, Evil, Beijing, who affirmed the island, which was his own rule. Warehouse.

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