Chris Christie stated what a number of Republicans are considering January 6

Before he bowed and scraped to Donald Trump withinside the 2016 GOP primary, Chris Christie had constructed a country wide popularity as a directly shooter.

Now the previous New Jersey governor is attempting to reinvent himself as what he used to be — a person who tells the reality even if it is uncomfortable for his side.

Witness what he informed conservative radio talk-display host Hugh Hewitt approximately the January 6, 2021, assault on the US Capitol:

K 6 become a rebellion that become incited via way of means of Donald Trump so one can intimidate Mike Pence and the Congress into doing precisely what he stated in his very own phrases closing week: overturn the election. He desired the election to be overturned.”

Based on the whole thing we recognize approximately Trump’s movements that day (and withinside the days main as much as it), Christie is as it should be describing Trump’s reasons and goals.

There’s no actual debate — specifically from Trump — that he believed then-Vice President Mike Pence could (and should) have rejected electors from numerous states.

“I become proper and anybody is aware of it,” Trump stated in a current assertion from his Save America PAC. “If there’s fraud or big scale irregularities, it’d were suitable to ship the ones votes lower back to the legislatures to discern it out. The Dems and RINOs need to take that proper away. A wonderful possibility lost, however now no longer forever, withinside the period in-between our Country goes to hell!”

And there may be additionally no doubt that Trump leaned difficult on Pence — proper up till January 6 — to alternate his mind.

I do not need to be your pal anymore in case you do not do this,” Trump informed Pence in a traumatic January 5, 2021, meeting, as said via way of means of Bob Woodward and Robert Costa of their book “Peril.” Later in that identical meeting, Trump informed Pence: “You’ve betrayed us. I made you. You have been nothing. Your profession is over in case you do this.”

Given all of that, it is top notch that Christie is withinside the determined minority inside his celebration on the subject of acknowledging the statistics of what came about on January 6 and why,

Those statistics are sincerely indisputable. (And that is earlier than we even see the record from the House choose committee tasked with investigating what came about that day on the Capitol.)

Christie’s assertion to Hewitt should not be specially newsworthy given what we recognize of that day. And but it is.

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