Climate crisis: We whistle in the abyss

I have to interrupt your regularly scheduled stuff to issue this dire warning: You, me and the rest of the world are whistling into the abyss.

The damning fact is that once I finish writing this column and you finish reading it, you, me and the rest of the world will likely return to our regularly scheduled stuff while we keep whistling towards a dead end – literally.

Another fact of destruction is that we have been busy whistling, because this life supported the planet, we call it, it is stupid, hesitated, greed, increased and complacent.

We have been swinging on the edge of the abyss for a long time. Scientists tell us how many amounts in human history, are saved in the nano-quarter, or people who may or may not arrive.

‘If you, me and the wealthy nations who are most guilty of killing the planet degree by rising degree don’t do anything about global warming today, not tomorrow, well, that’s it.’ [Kevin Frayer/Getty Images]

As always, most of us refuse to listen or act. Worse yet, Dülz, who is still scientific illiteracy, still believes that, because they can still make snowballs or skiing, artificial climate disasters are artificial jokes.

Then, they prefer to make discomfort in their convenient comfort, instead of facing discomfort and uncomfortable discomfort, we should make the earth a few years ago.

Today, we are more willing to speak in Oscar instead of speaking, not to speak, not to say that Lee, another thick report, joined a familiar point of other thick reports: if it is rich, developed the world did not interrupt the pollution of Carbon that sprayed in the atmosphere, and we will tend to be abyss, no one is rich or comfortable, you may be able to find an emergency exit door.

On Monday, a group of intelligent and cautious scientists gathered to shout their greatest exploitation. This time, a few thousand pages passed for them.

Of course, intelligent, cautious scientists, they collect truths to show us how this planet burns and what we should do today, not tomorrow is awake, person in charge. They are used to screaming on the crowded planets.

At the same time, wisdom and careful scientists tell us that the planet is in fire. They use phrases such as the world, and their considers, or we need Courogeto’s political aspects, beyond our current interest. It does not work or penetrate enough ideas to achieve tangible deformation.

If I am one of the smart and meticulous scientists, I will be abandoned in 1999 to be happy and educated.

This is the way the press conference knows the recent or never learned on Monday: Thank you, join me today, everyone. This planet is in fire. Let me repeat.

This planet is in fire. By the way, do I mention this planet fire? Then, I will add: see, inherit life and death agreement.

If you, me and the most stubborn countries killed the grade of the land at a degree of increase, I will not do anything to warm up around the world today, not tomorrow, um, this is all.

This planet will die, which means that, ultimately, all life is in this great, sometimes strange, common, common and white, blue and white marble will die.

Oh, so you know that before there, you will have a larger, longer, fatal flood, forest fire, tornado, typhoon, whirlwind, hurricane and drought. Guarantee.

In some places in the world, sea level will rise in other parts of the world, will fall. Coastal city is full of vitality, along the coastal city disappears under the waves, just as Edgar Allenpp is in his poems, this city is at sea.

Very! Death has been enhanced throne Lying alone in a strange city In the dim, Where is good, bad and worst and the best They went to the eternal rest I don’t know if the Secretary-General of the United Nations Antovoltrez Lee Pad.

I know that it is so close, any diplomat will not only scream, but also hear, wake up hell.

Gutrez stabbed a guilty finger after the release of a publicity intergovernmental parliament report (IPCC ), found that the industrial majority was 57% of 57% of greenhouse gases issued by humans since 1850.

Some government leaders and business say something, but do something else. In short, they are lying, Gureus said.

High governments and distribution companies are not just blind eyes; They are adding fuel to the flame. They stifled our planet according to their stakeholders and historical investments in fossil fuel.

Will it be refreshing when diplomats simply speak? In any case, the total diploma of the unit ended its prosecution of bubbling when describing the results of the IPCC survey as a guilty purpose, let us firmly advance towards the non-fiscal world.

These numbers are clear when they are pressed. If you, my world and the developed world will not reduce carbon emissions at the end of the decade, then you and developed countries can not cover warming at 1.5 degrees.

If you, I didn’t do that with the developed world, this is the Sayonara Planet Earth. Oh, the editor made a decision on what news about the report of IPCC.

War for sale. The report does not do this. 24-hour news cycle problem. At the end of the decade, you can or what you can’t happen, no.

If the so-called responsible reporter adopts this attitude similar to the ostrich, is it the same surprise that myopia politicians did? Last year, US President Jopenen said that global warming is the challenge of our era.

Its ambitious legislative agenda should be solved, it is DOA sent by the member of the member, only his party, it is a binding twin bathing coal and fossil fuel industry.

The term in the medium term at the US Congress. UU is approaching and the price of the pump is increasing.

Most criminals of the Cremlin war have compensated for some Kravin Democrats and all the stupid old Pet Rock and Rock old to resurrect.

Drilling. If this does not ask you to contract an anxiety and a desperate ball, this is: This is a very embarrassing person, the future Republican party, which was originally a president, was rejected for the last month of last month.

Win climate. In mid-March, the first one told a member of the old GRAND party Old Met-Pet-Rock in South Carolina, without spending any synapses unit, because the sea raised level will create more attributes in front of the beach.

They roar.

Agree I finished. You can return to our regular plan.

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own, which do not necessarily reflect the editing phase of Al info reportage.

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