Covid: Report of South Korea Case registered as peak near OMICRON WAVE

Long country, there is a big popular success story, report more than 621,000 cases and 429 deaths.

South Korea informed a new daily record of cases and death of Coronavirus, because the variants of Omicron continue to be extended to all parts of the country. According to Yonhap’s news agency, Korean disease control and prevention.

The death personnel have also reached a record, 429 people have confirmed that they have lost their lives, which has led to general charges in the beginning of 11 and 481. Since the fall of Korean underground homes promoted decoration aimed at curbing viral breeding, in the pressure of small businesses and other people affected by high popularity. The government must announce on Friday, whether it is relaxed restrictions, currently including current Alate-Night business, forbidden private sessions more than six people.

YONHAP pointed out that in 1.159 held on Wednesday, it is committed to guiding the number of patients with key diseases of the official prevalence reaction. The country has reduced the recent, track, waste and band touching power, helping to maintain previous waves in the control, although on Thursday, the rate of 5.14% is related to other countries. The health authorities also believe that OMICRON waves may approach their maximum, although the number of daily cases exceeds previous forecasts. According to KDCA, about 820,000 southern belt, 52 million have been fully vaccinated, and a steel bar has been received.

Over the past year, the country reported approximately 141,000 NOMICRONES cases showed that on Wednesday, the Ministry of Health did not die and supplement that the number of people under the age of 60 is less than 60 years old. For seasonal flu. We see this may be the last important crisis in our COVID answers.

If we go beyond this crisis, it will be close to normal life, and children’s information on the information class. The survey published by the Seoul Public Health Graduate School has shown that the Korean number of Koreans who cares about the serious impact of COVID-19 health has dropped to approximately 48%, which is the lowest value of 2020 since the start of January.

At the same time, those who think that it may hire viruses. Regarding the risk of viral hazards has changed clearly to viral dangers, he will soon guided this study. Although OMICRON variant, the infectivity is higher than the delta, but its relatively low death seems to have eased people’s concerns.

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