Cricket at the crossroads of Zimbabwe

Infrastructure, lack of crucial clubs, lack of funds and corruption allegations affect this movement.

Former captain Brendan Taylor was handed a three-year ban earlier this year for failing to report a match-fixing approach from a trip to India [Nigel Marple/Reuters]

Harel, Zimbabwe Brendan Taylor, the former Zimbabwe, the captain, this year, sent a three-year ban earning out this year to report a matching method from a trip to India.

He took a trip in October 2019, received $ 15,000, he said he was taking his game for his host host, he’s drinking cocaine.

Suspended the main light of the player and the difficult situation in the game of Zimbabwe, with a significant fanatic base.

Taylor has accepted his crime, saying that he has been under economic pressure because players did not pay for six months during the Indian travel.

At that time, the country was suspended by the International Committee of Cricket (ICC ), and Zimbabwe Ball (Zc ), which is an institution appointed by the Government, which controls all sports in the country.

The main ZC officials were dismissed, including financial management. ZC, often in economic difficulties, but the claim has now completed the enormous debt debt debt to pay almost 20 meters, and has been forced to operate in accordance with the controlled funds of the ICC.

Therefore, the Suspension of ZC, therefore, means that the ICC funds are frozen, and players must support their destination. After the year, the International Criminal Committee suspend, ultimately, rising later after the recovery of dismissed officials.

Players were then awarded a lump sum for the six months they were owed.

By early 2020, ZC announced it had reduced salaries by 30 percent, which was followed, until the present, by frequent delays in payments.

Zimbabwe failed to qualify for the 2019 World Cup, the first time it missed the tournament since 1983

ZC, TAVENGWA MUKUHLANI’s person in charge defended cuts, revealing this movement two years ago, saying that the necessary measures to sacrifice today and survive tomorrow.

Delay Mukuhlani explained to Al Jazeera because of the strict financial control of ICCS. He refused the accusation of management, saying that he was doing well in this situation, especially after cleaning him, and after heritage debt.

Mukuhlani said to Jazera, we are in a very healthy financial situation. We are the only association of the country [Sports ] is reviewed by one of the world’s four large.

We are the only association that is constantly publishing. We are moving power. But the player is not satisfied with the board of directors that handles things.

I played some very difficult conditions in the past, I played in Zimbabwe under Zimbabwe, we have not paid for a few months, saying is an anonymous major player.

They need to improve their communication so that people can plan accordingly. Things have improved, but there is no consistency at all.

My administrator’s chief question is that they do not know how to communicate. Last year, when we had a delay in salary, we leave a conjecture. Loss of talento.

The definition of illusion and lack of confidence in the system have also led serious losses, and many of the youngest young players in many countries no longer find the appearance of Zimbabwe.

Diamers, a young black player with a talented young black player has done his examination at the debut in 2021. He also played three days of international international and eight t20.

In a country, a country in Harree, a famous school, the San Jolation World School, and the 2019 World Cup 2019 World Cup, almost guaranteed the National Contract of Miles.

But he did not find him in temptation and decided not to get together. He chooses to secure the future of him, 19 years, in suggestion of his family, is now studying agriculture at the Royal Agricultural University in Glogésta County, England.

In 2018, Zimbabwe could not qualify for the 2019 World Cup, from the first time since 1983, they did not participate in global activities.

The team is currently sitting at the Super League ICC Cricket World Cup, which leads to the 2023 World Cup rating. Based on the current form, another World Cup can be lost, which will be a great economic explosion.

The former Zimbabwe Greaty Brent team, recently named National Women’s Team Trainers, I believe that if everyone is allowed to donate, this country will be more powerful.

In the last 15 years, I saw the Zimbabwe cricket over the past 15 years, Brent told Al Jazera. We have many talents, but we can not use and cultivate completely to become a complete competition for international crickets.

Start from the bases to the franchise cricket. Unfortunately, we can’t work together to establish a solid Zimbabovi team. We must forget what happened, we can’t do anything about it. If we work together, I believe we will be very competitive.

Facilities fight Brent said more, it is no longer so vibrant, because they used to be 20 years ago, when the cruel was almost competitive to football in football.

Government schools such as Prince and Churchill are working hard to make a large number of national players, working hard and facilities, now producing half-baked players, away from Tatenda Taba Taste, Hamilton Masakadza, Elton Kraka, Prosper Utseya all the former The captain of the education of education issued ZC scholarships.

They are more than just schools that must deal with lack of infrastructure. All localities across the country, the club facilities that serve the services through the National Association are in poverty, as members cannot meet maintenance costs.

It reflects the club game that does not exist, even if there is no logical conclusion even during the large flow period. The power of the cricket club is a competitive stripes raised by Zimbuba, which is raised internationally.

Promoting to the first XI, sharing clothing with the national team, or facing the opposition international actor, is a young player cherished.

This is the characteristics of Zimbabwe, that is, very difficult to talk about the tension of those days, such as the Nick South Han, ZC Board of Directors, responsible for development.

One exercise station, now in the history of Zimbabwe, now is the history of Zimbabwe, and believes that the disappearance of the club’s cricket structure has hurt the country. Wheel Han said that there is only a formal alliance of the formal alliance.

Some players practice, but there is no game. You can spend a whole day on the network, but if you can’t play the right game, it will not be the same.

Many years ago, there were eight teams in the first league, and the second team was in the second league, the third alliance eight teams, six to seven teams in the fourth union.

We started from September to March, and everyone was completed. These days, many of our players go directly to the national team.

In other countries, the boys played 200 to 300 games in front of the international cricket.

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