Cult of the Canadian Mosque

Researchers believe that the event in Ontario Milly West is an isolated behavior and considering hatred as a possible reason.

According to the local police, praying at the Toronto suburbs in Toronto, and the uniforms, a 24-year-old man, supposedly joined his mosque, and beat the bear spray on Saturday. The Peel Regional Police said that man entered the Islamic center to give al-Tawheed in Ontario Mississauga, and is known as the bears dew on the ax before 7 o’clock.

On behalf of the Mosque, Nadiahasan, the Canadian Muslim National Committee, said around 20 men pray when spraying them. He said that some men turned around and decided that he was very brave will decide that they will not let him attack them. They solved him the ground and arrested him until the police appeared.

Mississauga suburbs of Mohammad Moss Oomei is arrested. The police said they are considering all possible reasons for the event, and the load is being determined. The police said the congregation was slightly wounded by the bears spray. Hassan said that people obviously are surprised and recovering. In most cases, people are still dealing with what happened and trying to see how they make sure their communities are still safe. At this point, researchers believe that this event is an isolated behavior and believes that hatred is a possible motivation, and the police said in a statement.

Justin Trudus’s prime minister pulled a condemnation of the impact, because it is incredible and uneasy. Trudeau wrote that I strongly condemned the violence that Canada and kept the community today.

Other public figures have been united to condemn Chors, including Toronto Major and Ontario Prime Minister.

At the same time, Doug Ford Prime Minister said on Twitter, there is no such evil and hatred behavior in our province. We must ensure that the person in charge is issued before justice. Mosque’s magnet, Ibrahim India, praised the courage of the attacker’s worship. Our community will never violate and refuse to be intimidated, twitte√≥. In June, the man who deliberately collected deliberately collected trucks in Ontario, killed four people. The police said this is the case of Islamic phobia.

In 2017, after the artilleryman was dismissed at the Mosque of the Quebec Mosque, six Worshikers Weeshotdead and more injured. Shooting, Trodo condemned the terrorist attack as a terrorist attack, which had caused Islamic Islamic phobia in Adipton in the country.

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