Female Tennis: World No. 1 ashes announced a shocking retirement

Australia has won 15 champions, including Australian Open, Wen Buden and French Open, and is an athlete 121 week.

The tennis player of the best women in the world Ashleigh Barty surprised the movement by announcing his early retirement of 25 years. When I announced my tennis retreat, it was difficult to be emotion today, and she said in the video published on Instagram.

After Australia has become an open champion of Australia in 44 years, Australia’s movement is less than two months and won a huge huge tournament on three different surfaces. Barty won 15 champions, including Wen Buden, playing on the grass, French Open, playing on clay. I know how much you need to make yourself, I don’t have that in me, he said in the video. I don’t have a physical unit, challenge your own emotional desire and everything at a high level. It happened to me. After the route does not affect the route, Bati has moved from the end of 2014 as a juvenile game. He returned to 2016 and ranked rapidly, won the global welcome of his brilliant tennis, and won the feelings of fans because he absolutely sport. It has passed 121 weeks as the world’s best world, and it seems to have achieved greater success. Thank you for this campaign and incredible ambassador from women around the world, female tennis associations. We will miss you very much.

Barty is unwropque to let her secret travel through life and her struggle with the hometown. Ash Barty, this person has so many dreams, he wants to pursue, not necessarily involving world trips, away from my family, getting away from my house, this is where I always want to be, she talks with her in an Instagram friend. And the old case of the Call Partner Delcqua published a speech. Sick never stopped love with tennis, this is a great number of my life, but I think I am very important is that I can enjoy the next part of my life as a Barty Ash Barty, not Ash Barty Anthlet. When the elite tenn of Covid-19 was spent in 2020, Barty spent a few years from the game for a few years, instead of relyinging the circuit after recovering. She said, I know I did this, but I have different feelings, she said. I am very grateful with tennis, giving me all my dreams, more, but I know that my time is now that I walk and persecute other dreams and put the racket. Almost 24 million times in the graduation bonus he won the bonus of history and won the second Australian aboriginal team to win the great Slam Championship after the steps of Renault Gorgiga. Bartys Bombshel ​​L News unleashed the contribution of players and officials. The UK Andy Murray said he was happy to tell the tennis in @ashbarty. What is a player? The chair of the Tennis Association for Women Steve Simon said Barty always led to the firm profession and sports of each game. With the achievements of him in Grand Slam, the end of WTA, he has reached the peak rankings in NO1 of the world, he has established himself as a great WTA champion.

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