Focus on the completion of the terrorism of IRGC in the nuclear conversations of Iran Warehouse

Iran and the United States use European coordinators to negotiate to negotiate to negotiate IRGC.

Tehran, Iranthe issues the Islamic Onsen Revolutionary Guard, Corpshas continues to work hard to restore the efforts of the nuclear country 2015 for world power.

As a student worker, talking to the coordinator, Enjoy Mora found Iranian officials at Tehran on Sunday, where words and other places were us, the United States would improve their foreign terrorist organization “(FTO ).

The representative of the negotiation of Mora and Iranian, Ali Bagheri Kani exchanged opinions during the meeting and accepted to keep in touch. He then dwells with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hossein Amirabdollahian.

Iran officials told him that if the US UU is reality, an agreement can be reached to restore the joint integrated action plan (JCPoA ) because the protocol is known.

American Special Envoy Problem Commercial Warning of Iranian Nuturas Mora will soon travel to Washington, and you will find US officials there on Monday.

In an interview with national television on Saturday, Amirabdollahian has confirmed that, in addition to the sanctions of subsidiaries and entities of IRGC, the FTO indicator is the main obstacle to the agreement.

Diplomat said that if the agreement is in the range, negotiations not mentioned by the designated problem should not be stagnant, but although this type of self-sacrifice is there, it will not be awarded to this problem.

Until the designation of the world The topics of designation of the terrorist also discussed at the International Conference on Sunday, in which the officials of Iran and the United States exist.

Khamal Kharrazi, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, told the forums, must be deepened and several IRGC entities must be destroyed because they are indispensable in the Iranian economy. After Kharrazi, the USA.

Special Iranian Empac, the special, Robert Loris, said the final obstacle is difficult to clarity, but he does not trust that the recovered JCPOA will make Iran, the United States and the area. He also pointed out that even if the FTO is specified, the objective will remain in place.

At the same time, the Secretary of State of the United States, Anthony Blinken, has questions about IRGCS at a press conference corresponding to Israelis.

Ask if IRGC is a foreign terrorist organization, Blinken said that we are the most specific organization of our designated organization, including the names of the foreign terrorist organization.

Lapid calls Irgc more directly to the terrorist organization that must be processed, and added that IRGC has a proxy in the region, including Lebanon Hezbollah, Yemen Houthis and Islamic Janda, Gaza.

Both reiterated their commitment to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

The main diplomat of the USA UU Returns an integral application of nuclear negotiation is the best way to prevent the acquisition of Iran’s nuclear weapons.

Since 2018, since the retreat from one side of JCPOA, Iran has entegrated nuclear programs, but insists that it will never seek nuclear weapons.

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