France is ready to choose the fatigue of the next president

The 12th presidential election of France is a history or repetition of 2017 2017, analysts.

Paris, France, French voters are preparing for Sunday, since 1958, since the fifth Republic of the Fifth Republic, the fifth party participated in the votes in the presidential election.

The event was eclipsed by the Russian War – Ukraine. In the front line of the domestic, he did not provide a misfamous behavior, such as the 2017 François Filton’s scandal, and the right part of the right.

Even discussions about the government of Emmanuel Macron using McKinsey Consulting Company under media pressure, no brillet of fireworks did not led to the brightness of fireworks.

Prevention of choice is a mixture of indifference and interest because the Pierre Bocquillon policy teacher is described as the expected history of the right reader of the macro and Le Pen.

Bocquillon, the UK academic instructor was deteriorated when a new candidate came from 2017 compared to the election in 2017. Macron failed.

In fact, he did not really mobilize his internal base in the middle of the middle. He continues to investigate research with a very comfortable margin with the continuity and stability of the era, but the gap with a smile pencil shows the other to support the right and save the wild candidate from the Zemmor card.

The Global Politics Research Institute, Jacques, Jacques, said: “There are 12 candidates in this campaign that caused 48 million fatigue at 4,800 million French populations.

Most programs with 2022 candidates are demographic and are not really serious, and are disasters from France and Europe when they are chosen.

They concentrated their attacks on macros in others other than the line of the penro, not a serious perspective for Francis. Instead, we publish a practical action to accommodate each candidate, voter, including macros.

Locals stand on the main square, next to the twelve official posters of presidential candidates, during the visit of French President and liberal party La Republique en Marche (LREM) candidate for re-election in Spezet, western France [Ludovic Marin/AFP]

However, there is no vision behind her, and the memorandum describes the boring elections of many people. There is a fatigue in the French population.

Wolf pocket Although there are concern that voters may be larger than previous elections, there are some, such as Gabriel, 24 years old, still has not considered voting.

I still suspended two candidates, even when an e-commerce staff was standing in a police station. I am still young and more interested in politics.

This is a good opportunity to know more about the country and is at risk. He added that the emergence of the final right is to obtain a three-thirds of a scary public vote. Therefore, we must vote on Sunday.

The President has never won most of the entire number. The second round of the election will take place on April 24 and will take place for two weeks for campaigns.

Macron won the last distance due to the last margin due to the rupens and other partisons.

This time, I said Bokkiron, he intends to do the same. It can be a successful strategy to force power, but it was also dangerous and Bocquillon said.

He added that this strategy also allowed the distant thoughts where it is more and more, he added.

Binds in public opinions in two age groups in two age groups according to RELAND, Macron and Le Pen: 25-34 and 50-64.

He said that panic is that the ocean LE pen is now considered a serious and acceptable candidate. It looks like a girl next door, when she holiday, the cat Cat is for you. But she is a wolf like a lamb.

For some people who want to throw and kick on the table, there is a strong feeling to shake things, and that maybe it’s time to see when I can become the president.

The memorandum is definitely a power Le Pen, RESCRAND said that this is the reason why he is worried. 39% believe that she will become a great president.

In 2017, the number is 27%. The real campaign began to start on April 11.

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