Google Mistakenly Sent An Engineer Almost $250,000 For Doing Nothing For Them, See What He Did Next

A man mistakenly got a charge of nearly $250,000 from Google — even though he hadn’t carried out any work for the company.

Sam Curry, a team of workers security engineer at cryptocurrency agency Yuga Labs, described the baffling price on his examined Twitter account on Tuesday.

“It’s been a little over three weeks because Google randomly despatched me $249,999 and I then again haven’t heard some element on the help ticket,” wrote Curry.

“Is there any way we should get in contact @Google?”

“It’s OK if you don’t choose it back,” he added.

Unfortunately for Curry, it appears Google is working to get the cash back.

Google recommended CNN in a announcement that the fallacious charge used to be a end result of “human error.”

“Our crew lately made a rate to the fallacious wrong party as the end result of human error,” wrote a Google spokesperson in an e mail to CNN. “We apprehend that it was as soon as shortly communicated to us through way of the impacted partner, and we are working to right it.”

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