Honduras captured the assets of the president, waiting for the extradition of the United States.

Former President Hu An Orlando Hernández sold in drug trafficking and the arms of the United States, denied.

Former Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernandez Hernandez was arrested in mid-February, a day after the US requested his extradition [File: Fredy Rodriguez/Reuters]

The Honduras authorities seized property, financial stocks and other assets belonging to the former President Juanolan Hernández.

He faced a drug trafficking and weapon fees for extradition to the United States.

The Ministry of Public Affairs stated at Atatunaton on Friday that the authorities continued to investigate Erninad’s family assets, which implemented actions to ensure and utilize materials and intangible assets related to family core. And financial products.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Yuri Mora (Yuri Mora) said AFP 33 properties, 8 commercial companies, 16 vehicles and various financial products. Hernandez Hui movement, which left the office in January after eight years, has been separated from the United States in mid-February, and after Washington called his India.

Police arrested Juan Orlando Hernandez at his home in February [File: Elmer Martinez/AP Photo]

A month later, a Judge of Hongdu Raman ordering, this is a recent attraction by the highest center, this is an appeal, which faces him from the United States Court.

The critics of Hernándezs have recruited the extradition of extradition of it, which is considered to have a long-term exploitation end of the exploitation of corruption.

Former president 53, at the end of January, lost his immunity after the power of President Tossio Marakastro.

He was accused of accepting millions of dollars of bribery to protect the drug trafficking and processing, including Mexican drug Rociji Island Chapo Guzmán.

Hernandez is also faced with conspiracy, and controlled substances in the United States, use or transport weapons with machine guns and make weapons with weapons.

The prosecutor of the prosecutor is that Hernandez uses the bribery and support of drug trafficking to the political rise of the political rise of the Congress of Congress of Romans, the country of Western Hondu, with the President of the National Convention, and then two consecutive presidential terms.

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