Hong Kong Cove Lead Control Exposed to Hong Kong Brain Refuge

Since the early 2022, the International Financial Center has seen a net outcome of nearly 157,000 residents.

Hong Kong is experiencing a brain drain as residents tire of some of the world’s harshest pandemic restrictions [File: Tyrone Siu/Reuters]

Hong Kong, China Francisco Lee returned to England after two years of investment bank in Hong Kong investment banks and regretted the portfolio director to leave the city.

However, Le Sadness overcome his relief. Lee Al Jazeera said: “If Covid policies are not very difficult, we are still there,” said Lee Al Jazeera said.

If not all known unknowns for bulk samples of Hong Kong and quarantine facilities, anxiety has been created. If there is no script, you do not know if there is no timeline type.

In the rigorous high-rise policy of the International Financial Center, Li Yuan is voted separately. Although the world outside China is together with the viruses, Hong Kong has dominated some strict social alienation rules and restrictions on the Earth’s border.

Dynamic Zero Strategy Covid in China, the implementation of China’s continent, the international chemical image of the city as the city of the Andasian world, and foreign companies and talents organized.

When Hong Kong has been driven by the other and the deadliest year, the variant of Omicron Coronavirus premieres, and the authorities have implemented a restriction of double urgent collection, near the restaurant and return to distance at a distance. Since March 20, 2020, these measures have begun strict travel restrictions, including the prohibition of flight in risk countries, up to 21 quarantine of compulsory hotel.

I think I just did not want to lose six, nine, more than 12 months, I have to consider quarantine, redness, policies turned and sent to government quarantine and Residents travel to export.

On the basis of immigration database, Hong Kong has fluid almost 157,000 residents since the beginning of this year.

In a survey published in the European Chamber of Commerce in March, almost half of European companies represented that they are thinking of leaving.

In the same month, the Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong warned that the city faces the educator, from the city from the United Kingdom to the urban transfer of China’s sovereignty.

Faced with the concern of the business community, the Hong Kong Carrie Lam CEO relaxed on April 1, including the prohibition of flights from nine countries and arrival from abroad at seven days. In spite of this, the popular policies of the city still exist in global trends that are renovated and long-term inclined with New York, London and Singapore.

On Wednesday, Lin’s first acknowledgment strict policy Kodide was affecting the competitiveness of the city. He said that we have a detailed fact. He said that we have a brain flow, as well as some bodies left Hong Kong.

Hong Kong nightlife tycoon Allan Zeman says the city has to open up to revive the economy [File: Paul Yeung/Bloomberg]

Hong Kong Nightlife Tycoon Allan Zeman has been known as government supporters, and recognition has been difficult.

Of course, anyone who lost lost brain told al-Shara. No one is comfortable for people.

Recently, time to Lam requested to calm the international border, welcomed to the latest changes. We need to open Hong Kong.

I’m worried about health. It’s so mess. But on the other hand, we also have many companies in Hong Kong and our international financial centers. time in the mid-1970s moved to Canada Hong Kong, said the time was witnessing the city in the wave of the city.

When Hong Kong returned to China in 1997, I saw this since 2003. When people are stretching and left, there are other conditions. Some people don’t come, but others are.

Zeman has recently called Lam to relax the international border, welcome to the most recent changes.

We must open Hong Kong. It is very worried, it is very important. On the other hand, we also need economic life because we are an international financial center, as well as many companies in Hong Kong.

In the mid-1970s, Zeman moved from Canada to Hong Kong, he witnessed the rebound of the waves of immigration.

When Hong Kong returned to China in 1997, I have seen this and then in 2003 with SARS. There are different periods when people feel nervous and go. Some people do not want to go back, but others do this.

Hong Kong Natixis’ main economist Gary Ng said that the city may lose regional competitors and expressed concern that if the government did not further relax, the change may be permanent. People can argue that the current trend is temporary and certain that some talents can return to Hong Kong and tell Al Jazera.

However, no capital flow and people are the main advantages of Hong Kong, which is the foundation of current business ecosystems. The slowest open pace may make the competitors catch up with the opportunity.

Businesses in Hong Kong are having to offer better pay and benefits to retain and attract talent [File: Lam Yik/Reuters]

The city’s big pop limbs have forced employers to provide better proposals to keep and attract talents.

John Klopfer, a work economist at Hong Kong University, said that the city currently has a short-deficient surplus, which is difficult for employers, but it is an ideal choice for workers. Employers must do more competition.

Now, the recruitment population has resumed the great popular level, and workers have more options, and employers should highlight more, what a salary, well-being or working conditions, Klopfer tells Al Jazera.

Daniel Kirk, Deputy Director of Oliver James, said that his company is the busiest, the more I work in recent months. Kirk told us that we would like to be one of the Hong Kong companies at our best in March and our best room, telling the Jazera.

Kirk said that many breakage losses is usually seen during this period, because employees often change roles after the prize, but the highest vacant is also due to immigration.

However, Kirk said that this change is not lost, and Penumbra. He said that insurance companies are losing some talents abroad, but they also bring a great talent.

It is suitable for two directions. Foreign persons are because they can’t travel, living here is limited, but with this, overseas hopes to return and closer to their families.

Kirk is estimated that approximately 20% of Talent Group came from mainland China. We have seen a lot, I am very successful, I am identifying Hong Kong and Europe’s foreign or hope to approach their home.

Open door Zeman also noted the influx of interest in the other side of the boundary.

Mainland China, which is now configured in Hong Kong. And many people, especially those who are very qualified, from the continent.

In spite of this, Zeman believes that the Hong Kong authorities hope to preserve the international role of the city. Once you reopened, the government can launch some activities that Hong Kong will return and open your business.

Any public relations activities will be too late for investment portfolio manager Li’s professionals. He said that it is difficult to drive to drive through work, and reach a person, I think I am experiencing my racial growth. You can only do in terms of building a zoom relationship.

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