Houthis launched an attack in Aramco facilities: Saudi LED Alliance

The Saudiped Alliance said that the obstruction of the attacks of the UAM and missiles of the Adaming Group did not cause victims.

Yemen Hucy rebels launched the drones and missiles to attack Saudi floods, pointed to a liquefied natural gas plant (LNG ), seawater desalination plants, oil facilities and power plants, and reported to Saudi-state administrative means. At the early Sunday of the attack, the victim did not cause the victim to fight against Saudi-headed Yemen, but damaged civil vehicles and families.

In addition to the last upgrade of the Cross-border Houthi attack in Saudi Arabia, the peace negotiation is still stagnant. Checflicth as created humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

The HOUTHI REBELS spokesperson supported by Iran said that the group has launched a wide range of military actions in the deep depth of Saudi Arabia, not immediate development.

Attack frustrated GNL plant

The military alliance said that it was frustrated by the petrochemical complex of the mountain wall city of Saudi Arabia, which was better known as Aprend. If the attack has caused some damage to the plant, it will not be clear immediately.

Other air strikes in the southern border city coast of the Alliance aimed at power plants in the southwestern part of the country, in the AMC Terminal and Service Station in the Red Sea coast, southern border cities. . The degree of damage is unclear.

The official agency of Saudi Journalists issued a few rescue trains, skipping the flame and the water tube jumping, and the abandoned abandonment of the car and crater on the ground, this is a series of missile attack drone attack and ballistic.

The incident pursues the Gulf Cooperation Committee invited people in the War to invite people to talk to the people in Rigd, aimed at ending for nearly eight years of war. Houthis said they only participated in the discussion of the neutral country, and the priority should increase the clogging of the alliance in the region.

From HOUTHIS attempt to capture oil wealthy oil rich rich, this is one of the last remaining fortresss in the northern part of the country. It is said that peace negotiations are trapped.

Saudi Arabia leads the military alliance in Yemen, supports internationally recognized governments, and has been involved in bloody conflicts since 2015.

Worse humanitarian crisis

Thousands of lives, direct or indirectly, and displaced millions, of which the United Nations is called the most serious humanitarian crisis in the world. On Wednesday, there was no statement, and the donor meeting only raised 130 million US dollars, and the short goal was $ 427 million.

Houthi Rebels often in the world’s largest oil exporting country Saudi Arabia to Saudi Arabia airport and petroleum devices. The Yiming Armed Group has taken several attacks on the United Arab Emirates (“provincial power) this year because it has expanded its attack on two bay countries rich in oil.

Riyadh and Abu Dhabi were the main members of the military alliance after the Northern Yemen War in the North of the North. The UAE is withdrawn from the country in 2019, but it is still an active player. Since Wahamei Company is prepared on Sunday, the result is 2021, so the last attack is attacked.

The Global Oil Market is in Russia infringes in Ukraine and disease states affecting energy supply.

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