How to get paid on Facebook (6 Best Way – Full Details)

While Facebook may additionally not have the facet it once had as a social media darling, it nevertheless has an surprisingly high range of month-to-month lively users: more than 2.9 billion, compared to Instagram’s 1.3 billion, TikTok’s one billion, and Twitter’s 396 million.

In the past, Facebook customers have tried the whole thing from affiliate advertising to running advertisements through Messenger to promoting items on Facebook Marketplace in order to make money. But making money on Facebook isn’t barring its challenges: The average reach of an organic put up hovers round 5% of a page’s fans down from 7% in 2018 and those that pay-to-play by commercials and sponsored content material are seeing their reach dwindle over time.

The true news? Facebook is rolling out new and interesting methods to make money, mostly aimed at entrepreneurs and creators with Facebook followings. Whether you’re looking to make some greater money on the side or find extra customers for your existing business, here are six ways you can monetize your Facebook audience in 2022, plus the necessities you’ll want to adhere to in order to do it.
Before you start: check your Facebook Monetization Eligibility
There are a handful of approaches to make cash from your Facebook content, but first you ought to be eligible to do so. This capability your Facebook page and the content you post on it should abide by the platform’s eligibility requirements, which are grouped into three categories:
Facebook Community Standards: these are the platform’s foundational rules, such as no image or unsafe content
Partner Monetization Policies: these rules are for your Facebook web page as a whole, as well as the content you create, how you share your content, and how you acquire and make on-line payments
Content Monetization Policies: these are content-level rules that observe for each piece of content material you post, such as no violent or profane content
To check your eligibility, go to the Facebook section of your Creator Studio and click the Monetization tab. Select which pages you desire to see your monetization eligibility foryou will also be served different monetization records about the page.

Once you’re eligible to monetize your Facebook content, it’s important to stay eligible if you choose to make a steady income. Regularly evaluation the platform’s Community Standards, preserve your domain clean with terrific content, and make sure you have the rights to publish your content. If for some purpose your web page becomes ineligible, Facebook will inform you with the aid of the Monetization tab in your Creator Studio, alongside with the purpose you’re no longer eligible.

6 Best Ways to Get Paid on Facebook

1. Create videos with in-stream ads

In-stream ads attract the attention of a captive audience and are perfect for creators and manufacturers with a sizeable audience. When a person is part-way thru staring at a Facebook video, they are greater likely to watch the entirety of an ad if it ability they can continue on with the original content—unlike a standalone advert in their feed, which they’re extra probably to skip.
In-stream commercials in action:
Bottled water manufacturer LIFEWTR wanted to enlarge company awareness and generate a positive, innovative sentiment round its product. So it implemented quick in-stream ads that ran in the midpoint of feed videos as nicely as houses like Facebook Watch, showcasing its neighborhood artwork projects via powerful visible stories. The campaign resulted in a two times lift in brand consciousness and a 1.9 times higher elevate in advert recall.

Why it worked: LIFEWTR used in-stream commercials to inform a story and hold the interest of an already-captive audience.
Get started: Think about what you prefer to gain with your videos and what testimonies you can inform about your brand. If you favor to advertise mid-roll, strive adding in one- to two-second natural pauses when you create your videos where an in-stream advert could slot in.
As well as meeting Facebook’s eligibility criteria, movies need to be over one minute in length and influencers want at least 10,000 page followers to run in-stream ads. These hints apply to brands that desire to pay to run in-stream ads.

2. Add a paid subscription to your page

Generate consistent month-to-month revenue through fan subscriptions, which inspire your most loyal followers to pay a habitual sum to fund your page. This is a terrific way for brands and creators with large, energetic audiences to monetize their web page and reward fans with distinctive content material and discounts. The “stars” feature lets customers purchase a pack of stars to send pointers to their favourite creators for additional revenue.
Fan subscriptions in action:
The Vegan Baker has created a separate Facebook Group for supporters of the brand. Fans are charged $4.99 a month to get admission to specific content material and discounts. They are also in a position to ship additional tips via Facebook’s stars characteristic for a piece of content material they in particular enjoy.

Why it worked: The Vegan Baker can monetize its active target market whilst beneficial users with distinct content. The stars characteristic approves the manufacturer to see which kinds of content material operate satisfactory and enlarge engagement with a tight-knit section of its followers.
Get started: Fan subscriptions are solely on hand on an invitation foundation at the moment. Users can unencumber fan subscriptions when they have 10,000 followers or more than 250 return viewers, and both 50,000 publish engagements or 180,000 watch minutes.
Once you’ve received your invitation, you can pick what advantages you favor subscribers to get, create a promotional video to launch your subscription service, and film a thank you video to welcome new subscribers.

3. Collaborate with brands

Create content material with a relevant, complementary accomplice to amplify your attain and diversify your content output. There are lots of brands that prefer to work with influencers, creators, and different organizations to attain new audiences and elevate company awareness, and this can be a exceptional way to boost your follower matter and generate engagement.
Brand collaboration in action:
StyleNow Feed partnered with Jasper’s Boutique to deliver followers of each brands fresh content. The paid partnership allowed the two corporations to collaborate on applicable content material that aligned with the wishes of both their audiences, and users could click on on each piece of content material to learn more about each brand.

Why it worked: The two brands are well-aligned and have comparable however now not equal audiences, which supposed they could unlock a new section of followers by way of accomplishing customers who already had a robust connection with the associate brand.
Get started: Before you can begin tagging commercial enterprise partners in posts, you have to request access. Once you’ve carried out that, you can get entry to collaboration opportunities and view insights inside the Brand Collabs Manager.
This type of monetization technique is nice for Pages with an active, loyal following who put up content that most brands won’t consider risky.

4. Earn money at once from your fans

Facebook recently announced it will be setting more emphasis on natural video content material made specifically for the platform to push returned against customers sincerely sharing TikTok posts. Creators and influencers will be in a position to liberate financial rewards of up to $4,000 a month through finishing a collection of sequential “challenges,” such as producing a sure quantity of views on a Facebook Reel.
Organic content rewards in action:
Paula Garcia has a large following and, by developing Reels particularly for Facebook, can cash in on the number of views, likes, and remarks she gets. Paula absolutely combines a wide variety of the procedures used here to solidify her Facebook monetization strategy, like getting sponsors for her Reels and posting them organically on the platform.

Why it worked: Paula Garcia already has a large following, so it’s a no-brainer for her to faucet into Facebook’s new challenges scheme that lets her cash in on the variety of views she generates.
Get started: The challenges characteristic can only be accessed through invitation at the moment, and it appears that Facebook is focused on influencers with follower counts in the excessive hundred thousands or millions. Once the invite is accepted, the first task must be performed inside 30 days or the feature will expire.

5. Run paid events online

Engage followers through a live event they can enjoy from the alleviation of their personal home. Facebook’s paid activities feature lets you schedule, set up, and run occasions through your page, which is perfect for creators and companies transferring in-person occasions online.
Paid occasions in action:
Jasper’s Market hosts and advertises a quantity of events via its Facebook Business page. Fans can view a list of activities and purchase get admission to immediately from the brand’s page. Seeing how many people are interested or attending creates a buzz around the event, while regular reminders make sure attendees don’t miss a single moment.

Why it worked: Hosting on-line events helps Jasper’s Market reach new audiences who are interested in one-of-a-kind sorts of events. It also generates engagement among followers who may now not all be in the identical location.
Get started: Enable paid online activities on your page and click the Events tab to create a new event. Choose the “paid” choice and fill in the required data about your event, the price, and a co-host, if you have one.
Your Facebook account and web page should pass Facebook’s monetization eligibility standards before you can begin creating paid events.

6. Drive visitors to your online store

Direct shoppers from your Facebook page to your Shopify save via the platform’s social commerce features. This is a wonderful way for manufacturers who already have a small enterprise on Facebook to capture buyers mid-scroll with shoppable advertisements and effective calls to motion (CTAs). You can flip well-performing shoppable posts into paid ads to pressure extra traffic and outline a new target target audience you’d like to reach.
Shoppable posts in action:
Clothing manufacturer QUEENSHOP wanted to boost sales among fans who had until now engaged with its content. It used Facebook’s Live Shopping function to attain shoppers who were online at that exact second and direct them to the brand’s internet site via a product CTA in the bottom nook of the screen. The Live videos resulted in a 1.7 times greater return on advert spend and a 3.3% uplift in adds to carts.

Why it worked: QUEENSHOP was in a position to have interaction fans who were actively on-line and equipped to make a purchase. It reduced the wide variety of steps in the buying process via directing consumers straight to the correct product web page so they could make an on the spot purchase.
Get started: Add your product catalog to your Facebook page in the Catalog Manager and hyperlink to relevant merchandise when you post an picture or video. To link to a product during livestreams, click on Feature beneath the product or link you prefer to exhibit after you’ve began your video.

Conclusion: Diversify your earnings

Starting an ecommerce business, selling services, and creating digital products or merch all advantage from the use of Facebook’s massive audience as a sales tool. With the platform’s new suite of points made particularly for entrepreneurs and brands, it’s simpler than ever to have interaction new and existing audiences.
But don’t get tied to simply one function or simply one platform. Diversify your supplying so that if one platform dries up you have other streams of visitors and revenue. This is particularly essential today, when the organic attain of big social media sites like Facebook are losing via the day and consumers are turning into more and more skeptical of paid marketing campaigns.

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