Hundreds of war protes were arrested in Russia

OVD-INFO independent monitoring group said 756 people were arrested in 37 cities, approximately half of the Moscow arrested.

More than 750 people were arrested in the city of Russia to protest by Moscow in Ukraine, now in the third week. OVD-INFO independent monitoring group said the police arrested at least 756 people during the demonstration of 37 Russian cities, of which approximately half of the Russian capital Moscow. Based on its website, an invasion of Ukraine, air and sea that invade Ukraine from Vladimir Putin, reported more than 14,000 arresas related to the action against war. Among them, more than 170 people are detained. The Kremlin approved a law, a law condemned to independent war reports and protests on March 4, and the punishment in the imprisonment fell in 15 years.

Moscow report, Moscow Eréteras exploded, said people are very difficult for streets and protests. She said that someone tried to leave or seemed a protester that has been dragging. In an example, a woman was dragged only to take a white blank paper. The reporters of the institutions generated by the AFP press in the protest of the capital of Moscow are witnesses at least ten times and said that the police led anyone without news files. According to AFP, a young girl is screaming into the world.

Some of the riot police had the letter “Z” in the colours of the Russian flag on their helmets, the AFP reporter said. The letter, seen on Russian tanks in Ukraine, has become a symbol of support for what Moscow calls its “special military operation” to “denazify” Ukraine.

In the second city of Russia, the AFP reported many arrests, including the protesters dragged by the soil. The Avenue of the city of Nevski is closed by the police, and more than a dozen police dogs are parked along this path. According to the new French society, several reporters have also been arrested. With a yellow hat and a blue jacket, 20, Christina said, her color of the Ukrainian flag exposes her protest. Of course, she frightened outside, are arrested at all. In recent days, many of my friends were arrested, some people were even visited by college, she told AFP. Last weekend, more than 5,000 Russian Russian Russian Russians.

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