INFO: Lic ( life insurance corporation of india)

INFO: Lic ( life insurance corporation of india)

Life Insurance Corporation of India(LIC)

Life insurance corporation, of india is a multinational public sector, life insurance company, headquartered in Mumbai, its the Indian largest insurance company, as well as the largest institutional, investor, with total assets under management, worth 45.7 trillion, as of March 2023 , source (Wikipedia)

Lic was founded on , 1 September 1956, its owner is government of India , (96.5%) and its employees are , 114200(2020) , the central office of lic is based in Mumbai, there are total of 8 zonal offices, located in delhi , Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, kanpur, Kolkata, bhopal and Patna , the lic invests in sectors such as banks , cement, chemicals and fertilisers, electricity and transmission, and almost all major sectors,

Lic top plans in 2023 are 1) Lic Jeevan Umang 2) Lic new Jeevan anand 3) lic new jeevan shanti 4) Lic new pension plus , Lic policies are the most popular and most selling policies in india

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