Invasive Russia from Ukraine: List of Key Events on the 18th Day

In Kyiv [Gleb Garanich / Reuters Actheration, the smoke is increasing

With the Russian War – Ukraine enters on the 18th day, let’s take a look at the main development.

These are the main events so far on Sunday, March 13. Get the latest updates. Russia attacked the military base in Western Ukraine

The Russian Army launched many air strikes on the military training terrain outside Ukraine outside the Ukraine, close to the border of Poland, and the Lviv regional government person in charge Maxim Kozitsky replied to its Facebook page. Russia said it has destroyed 3,687 Ukrainian military infrastructure The Russian Army’s spokesman in the Russian Ministry of Defense, Ignor Kangbin, Igol, Kangbin, is said to Sunday, was said on Sunday. Zelenskyy threatens Russian supporters Ukrainian President VolodyMyr Zelenskyy is likely to be in Ukraine’s Russian partners and supporters, and in the video direction, those who participate in Russian occupiers are signing their own judgments. Kyiv around Russia The Russian troops have more and more advances in the north capital, western and northeast. Russia also destroyed airports in Vasylkiv city in the south. Presidential advisor Mykhailo Podolyak said that Kyiv has been effectively under the siege, from the army and volunteers to defend the city, street street. US IDERIZA $ 2 million military aid US President Joe Biden, authorizes the extra army of Ukraine 200 meters. Washington has authorized $ 350 million military equipment to be the largest of this type of packaging in the United States. NATO expects humanitarian situation to deteriorate The Secretary-General of NATO JENS Stoltenbergtold WELT AM Sonntag newspaper, expects Ukraine struggles and humanitarian emergencies to be more strengthened, and the next few days may have a greater pain. 1,300 Ukrainian army killed The President of Zelenskyy said that since the beginning of the invasion, the Ukrainian soldiers have been killed. The first Ukraine’s power reached the quantity of the deceased. Russia said on March 2, lost 498 soldiers. Zelenskyy said it is about 12,000. The United Nations said that at least 579 Ukrainian civilians were killed, emphasizing their numbers far below reality. If Russia tries to take KYIV , zelenskyy warns desolate Zelenskyy warned Russia’s strength to face death, if they tried to occupy the capital, because their RAID warning rang the first hour in the morning. Ukraine said, Russia plans to control Zaporizhiancule Plant: IAEA The UN nuclear watchdog said that Ukraine said on Saturday that the Russian program is fully controlled by the ZaporizHia nuclear power plant, and the Europe is greater, but Russia later denied this.

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