Iran is temporarily suspended with Saudi Arabia

Rally and Tehran said earlier, it is expected that dialogue should alleviate tensions, but minimize the expectations of progress.

Tehran, Iran, Iran, temporarily suspension with Saudi Arabia to get in touch with Saudi Arabia. The Foreign Minister of Iraq, Fuad Hussein, announced on Saturday at the Turkeys Antalya diplomatic forum, the fifth round of negotiations between the two regional competitors will be held by Bagddad on Wednesday. However, with the highest national security committee of Iran (SNSC ) is affiliated with the conversations of the Kingdom, Iran is unilaterally suspended without reason, otherwise, we will work with the conversations of the Kingdom. The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly said that the country is ready to recover the talks. Rally and Tehran said they expect negotiations to alleviate tensions, but have late expectations for great progress. In 2016, the two countries have completed diplomatic relations.

At that time, Tehran was in conflict from Tehran by the protesters after the main names of Shi-Believa. Riyadh supported this: The unique check of the president of the United States, Donald, was recorded in Iran after he leaves unilaterally. He also blamed Iran in important attacks at his oil facilities in 2019, accused Tehran denied. The two countries are also standing in the Yemen War, Saudi-style LEDs have opposed the movements aligned by Houthhi from Iran since 2014. However, in the first round of secret conversations held in the capital of Iraq in April 2020, he issued a potential robbery. The negotiation only is officially confirmed after a few months. The negotiations came to Iran and the global power again to sit on Vienna’s efforts to restore nuclear agreements, called the Integrated Action Plan Core (JCPoA ). After more than 11 months, it is now considered that the negotiation of the Austrian capital is close to the goal line. Earlier this year, Iran said that, after a few years, I have accepted three diplomats in Saudi Arabia who have organized Islamic cooperation organizations in Islamic Jeddah.

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