It is a miracle: the pole opens the home to Ukrainian refugees.

New immigrants are kind to goodwill, while Poland host said they are enjoying experience, but they can benefit from greater support.

Polish citizen Magdalena Petersen (right) is pictured with Ukrainians Katya Nesteruk (left), Yulia Koval (centre) and their children in their new Polish home [Agnieszka Pikulicka-Wilczewska/Al Jazeera]

Kraków, Poland Capa Nesteruk and Yulia Koval attacked its hometown of his hometown in the first missile, close at the capital of Ukrainian Kyiv. But after the week, on May 9, they stood in Krakow’s main railway station, no part, two children around them, their lives have been intertwined.

Suddenly, a brunette woman appeared. Do you have a plan? Magdalena Peter asked. Do you want to be with me a few days? Since the Ukrainian war, most refugees have fled to Poland approximately 2.3 million.

Some of the greetings of the activists organized in the Polish city, while others rely on the help of common citizens, opened their homes to the stranger that fled the war.

On February 24 is the birthday of Nesteruks husband, but this couple has no celebration.

That day, the first Russian rockets attacked a double layer, near the house of it. Nisak said he felt like a thunder.

They have packed their bags in a hurry, leaving the relatives in the west of Ukraine. I thought it would end after two weeks, but it only became worse, Nisak said.

We want to stay in Ukraine, but there is no safe place, nobody knows that the missile will fall. He can not sleep, everything is shaking, just sit down and wait for the alarm.

The Hubbans of Nesteruks and Kovals, who are friends, suggest that this is left together.

They went to Slovak and then Poland. When Petersen is near them at the train station, they are almost unbearable.

At that time, Krakow refugees had no more space. I did not have a separate apartment, but I have prepared a room in my apartment, my Afghan neighbors have said Peterson from the Afghan neighbors of August last August.

The woman was reserved in the Afghanistan family, but in a few weeks, they have always been consistent with Petersen.

In the end, her friend currently lives in Germany, she agrees that these two women and her children can stay next to Peters. I work in an hour, so I have no problem with people from different environments and culture.

I like to travel, I have been in many countries, I know that people from all over the world are helpful and friendly, Peters said, have had African students to escape from Ukraine.

When I can not find the hotel and the locals, I will have foreign countries that have abroad to stay at home. I do not want children to sleep at the train station.

When you talk to people, you understand, it is easier to accept your home. Peterssens Twins and Yulias daughters are seven.

Although the barriers of the language play and communicate together. There is not much cultural difference between them. But some things in Poland make people.

I do not understand why everyone wants to help us, border guards and volunteers from the train station.

She said that people helped us bring the bags, bring food, diapers, for children. I want to know what I will do in this case.

Will I help people need people, are you accepting their homes? We have been helped by strangers, but how do you know we are good people? For me, this is a miracle, people are so confident here.

Bozena Pawlowska, pictured in her living room, says she feels empowered having helped Ukrainian refugees find shelter in Poland [Agnieszka Pikulicka-Wilczewska/Al Jazeera]

Several other Ukrainian refugees are also interviewed by Jazeera, saying that they did not expect such a warm welcome.

The Polish people help us, they support us, give us everything we need, everyone is very good.

Victoria said that we are always grateful, we are hungry, they gave us everything, including children’s toys, this is a 35-year-old Rivne accountant. fled her mother Lila from her hometown on February 28, a 14-year-old daughter and six-year-old son.

When they arrived in Poland, they met a Facebook team, Boenena Pawowska offers them to Krakow’s accommodation.

Many families in the city will now organize refugees, and those who can’t provide food, medicines or clothing. Daughter wins from a friendly place to receive a laptop.

When our children moved home, I refurbished the first floor, [My husband ] piotr sometimes spends the time there, but all the overall floors are empty.

At the beginning of the war, we decided to help others, say Bolena Pawowska, 49. Pawowska marketing expert, lost his work in December, caught in the depression. She said she helped Victoria and her family quickly proved to be the best treatment.

I don’t think there is no reason. Volunteers show me, I can use it. Now I think it’s time to start doing business, and I’m not afraid of doing it. Plawowska said, I hope you act quickly again.

The only complaint of it is for the central government, she can do more. Although she will soon begin to accept the support of the State to house refugees, the additional cost of electricity and natural gas will affect her family budget.

Wojciech Wojtasiewicz has no problem. He is now staying at the refugee stays in the short term of Krakow. Through a friend, the 34-year-old journalist with Elonabo Hik and the daughter of Him Christina, go to Belgium.

I am surprised to see such a warm and hospitable city. You can feel a lot of kindness. I have never experienced it before. Bazhok said you have entered a store, everyone smiles at you, I’m not used to it.

Christina, nine, when she saw that they tried to exchange hryvnias, a person on the street gave them 100 zloty Bill ( 24 24 24 ) on the street, and now in history.

I started to cry. Bazhok said: God bless Poland Poland. Wojtasiewicz said his experience: I used to sit at home with the news, it gave me a bad impact.

Now, I finally think I have something to do. I know that I will not help everyone, I will not save the whole world.

But I can change the lives of several people.

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