Japan is about to hold more Russian properties over Ukraine invasion.

Moving to the Phoeniki Dida Prime Minister announced the passage of revoking the most popular national status of Russia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Japan will freeze 25 Russian assets and prohibit export to 81 Russian organizations to deal with Ukraine Moscow War.

The movement chasing the first Fomiki Schidi John said on Thursday, Japan will take measures to revoke the most favorable national trade to prevent national encryption transactions from approval entities.

Tokyo has introduced the punitive measures of Russia for Russia in recent weeks, including the Deputy Director of the attached practice of flagimir prisures, president of the Chechen Republic, and the company’s executives are closely contacted with Kremlin.

The countries of East Asia also restrict the rapid international payment system of the country for the Central Bank of Russia, and prohibit the export of the Russian refinery.

Carrying the State Council, Honda, Nintendo and Sony also temporarily detained Russia’s exports, citing concerns about logistics, supply chain or security.

Japan is one of the nearest Asian allies in Asia, who uses Moscow, which is more difficult for Moscow than in other countries in the region, most of them blamed guilt. In addition to Japan, Solo South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan Autonomous Island announced the sanctions of Moscow.

Jeffrey Kingston, Director of the University of the University of Tokyo Temple University, Jeffrey Kingston, told Al Jazeera Japanese to the strong reactions of Russia, reflecting his concerns about the ambitions of China in his backyard, including the screaming to The crying island of Japan and a Taiwan claim.

Japan aims to support its position, that is, it is not necessary to resort to force or stress, in international law, in accordance with the territorial dispute, the Kingston sanctions in Tokyo. It is especially concerned about the hegemonic ambition of China from Asia, concerned about the impact of Ukraine in Taiwan.

It is in Europe, which is expected that this unit is in Asia in Asia to prevent China from invading Taiwan.

I think the rest of the area is the contradiction of this conflict, and I do not want to be included in the Cold War II, Kimston added that the enthusiasm among most Asian leaders is very enthusiastic, and they can choose them to think about the United States and the United States. On both sides of the Cold War. China is in Asia.

He announced that China’s military offensive not restricted Russian friendly refused Laul, and condemned the sanctions of him strategic partners. However, some Chinese financial financial institutions have stopped financing transactions involving Russian products, reflecting that Beijing is not willing to openly violate sanctions and risk financial systems with US dollars.

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