Johnson met Saudi, the leader of the EAU as the price of the music of the Ukrainian war music

PM BRITISH BORIS JOHNSON visits the bay to violate Russian oil and natural gas supply in the Ukrainian review.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson encountered the Saudi crown of Riya Salman (MBS ) during the negotiations so far, during the Riyadh trip, the supply of oil and gas Riyadh in Moscow in Moscow in Ukraine. Saudi Media Spa said that Saudi Energy Minister Abdullala, Zipz Binskman, also attended the meeting on Wednesday, and signed a memorandum of understanding of a Strategic Association Committee in Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

Jamamal Khashoggiin Since 2018, Johnson has been one of the leaders of a few minorities to visit Rally. At Wednesday, Johnson was in the United Arab Emirates, he met Abu Dhabi Prince Muhammad Rock Zayed (MBZ ), and discussed the speeches of the statement published in the British to improve energy security, defense and trade The opportunity of the cooperation Prinerist twitter represents the account.

Johnson wrote in Twitter, I am visiting Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to ensure regional security and global energy markets to stabilize key partners in the global energy market. The British leader is working hard to collect oil prices. Before falling to $ 100, it is almost $ 140 per barrel, and after the President Vladimir Prose invaded Ukraine to help end Western Russian oil dependence.

His visit with 81 people on Saturdays running in the death of human rights historic history with Saudi Arabia. Right group questioned whether they have gained fair judgment. The London Tang Street spokesperson said that the leaders welcomed the long-term associations between the two countries and discussed the cooperation between the UK and EAU in Energy Safety, Green Technology and Trade. Before leaving Leaf, Johnson promised to improve the human rights issue of MBS, but he also emphasized the important relationship between the UK and the oil bay Rico.

Johnson said that this is not just a way to look at OPEC countries and what they can do. Although it is important, Johnson told the British media. When we observe the dependence, the West, especially in ordinary oil and natural gas, we can see what is wrong, because I have been able to use the West. Main international partners Johnson’s spokesperson said that Prime Minister also asked MB to condemn Putin’s attack on Ukraine. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are the world’s largest two oil exporters, both of which are related to Moscow, so far to avoid the position of Russia.

But Johnson he felt more Europe before leaving barbaric and unreacted assault. He said that as Western sanctions began to bite, a new international alliance is needed to make up for their impact of consumers who have already felt more and more inflation. In a statement, the world should be from Russian hydrocarbons and addicted to Pitted oil and gas potatoes. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are the main international partners of this effort. Johnson office said that Europe and Saudi Arabia are two largest economic partners in the region, including bilateral trade for 2020, respectively, 2020, respectively.

Russia is one of the largest natural gas producers in the world and one of the largest oil manufacturers. Like the United States, the United Kingdom plans to gradually eliminate Russian oil imports at the end of the year, as part of the extensive sanctions against Russian companies and billions. Since the end of Bundeng, US President Joe Baden and MBS have not yet spoken, and is committed to the kingdom as a civilian country of Khamhemia, and the Central Intelligence Agency is attributed to Saudi Royal.

Torbjorn Soltvedt, the Middle East and North African Analysts in Verisk Maplecroft, saying that there is no such crack, now it is unlikely that Johnson will work in foreign oil diplomacy in the bay. He said that by changing the Saudi oil policy, his odds are based on Johnson, but the EAUs may be more willing to open the tap because he wants to use faster oil reserves. But the United Arab Emirates reiterates its commitment to the agreement on the OPEC Alliance on March 10, to adhere to the production objectives existing in April.

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