JUST IN: Apprehensiveness As INEC Calls For Reconciliation Of APC’s Kano Presidential Results

JUST IN: Apprehensiveness As INEC Calls For Reconciliation Of APC’s Kano Presidential Results

The Independent National Electoral Commission on Tuesday interrupted the State Collation Officer for the presidential election in Kano, Pedagogia Lawal Suleiman, while he used to be as soon as analyzing the ranking of the All Progressives Congress in the state.
While the digital board exhibited APC as having 506,416 votes in the state, the edifier examine 517, 341.

first one

Screenshot of the preliminary digital exhibit off of the Kano country presidential election
This triggered unease in the goal market and the INEC chairman, Mahmood Yakubu, urged the SCOPE , “Wait, wait, take the figures again, take a seem at the figures.”
When the edifier insisted that what he have a look at from his file used to be veridical, the INEC chairman replied, “No, you go lower back to the collation area and reconcile the figures.”

The SCOPE and the Kano State Denizen Electoral Commissioner had to go away the scene for the Kebbi country Officials to promulgate their result.

Afterwards, the Kano SCOPE once more to the podium and the electronic board mirrored 517, 341 as he verbally expressed earlier.


Screenshot of the 2d digital exhibit of the Kano country presidential election
The Incipient Nigeria People’s Party, he verbally expressed, scored 997,279 whilst the People’s Democratic Party and Labour party had 131,716 and 28,513 votes respectively.

But a party agent from the People’s Redemption Party, requested the INEC Chairman why there used to be discrepancy between the preliminary numbers of the APC on the digital board and the one study by way of using the SCOPE.
The party social gathering agent withal sought explication from the Kano officials, asking at what factor was once the add of consequences made and at what component used to be the eventual redressment reflected.

Replying, the SCOPE verbally expressed ” when we culminated, it used to be uploaded (and) in the process, QQ seemed as an alternative than a figure, it is software program glitch. When we came, we visually perceived the QQ and we gave them the right result. When they put that, it tallied with our 517, 341. Infelicitously, they didn’t preserve, so they preserved it up and that Q Q appeared.”

The party drew the pastime of germane stakeholders at the venue that it used to be due to such concern that made political activities had authoritatively mandated for digital add of outcomes from polling units.

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