Kamala Harris said that in the dispute to the jet he says that we joined with Poland.

In Warsaw, the US Vice President also supports the international investigation of the possible Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

The Vice President of Kamara Harris, emphasized that the United States and Poland were transferred to Ukraine in the Russian invasion by Germany, Washington Warsaw, United States and Poland. Harris was held in President, President, President, Poland, is suspected that Harris is suspected in Warsaw. The United States is a constant process of military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

I think it is very clear that the United States and Poland are united in our things, and is ready to help Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, stopped completely, he said. Earlier this week, WASHINGTON officials rejected Polish’s public recommendations to help Ukraine provide Russia Mig, and express themselves as the Moscow update risks update. Poland generously shows the whole world, see, spokesman for Pentagon John Clarbead Wednesday. But at this time, we believe that the high-risk capacity provided by the additional fighter is small.

In Warsaw, Harris reaffirmed the United States to defend each centimeter from NATO under the Alliance Collective Treatt. Poland joined NATO in 1991, but Ukraine is not a member of the US LED block. Harris said that the United States is seriously, against a person’s attack is an attack on everything. Vice President visited Poland, from Russia near Ukraine to enter the third week. On Thursday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergolov and his Ukrainian peers Dmytro Kuleba’s conversation.

After February 24, Russia launched Ukraine’s invasion, after the confrontation of the Moscow fleet near the Ukrainian border, it demanded to exempt Tonalinth Tonato Fireborics. The United States and its ally quickly quickly applied scan sanctions on Russian economy, as well as the financial sanctions of Russian President Vladimir Putin Putin Putin, and won elites in his internal circle. According to the statistics of the state, the war force Ukraine more than 2.3 million people in Ukraine. The main cities including the capital Kyiv are facing the Russian undercale and siege. On Thursday, Russia resumed the efforts of Capturemariupol, Russia Shellinghit, a hospital, and the southeast of Ukraine, a general condemnation. The Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Breskor hit the terrible hospital and urged the endless violence. Thursday, Poland suspected that Russia bombed civilians in Ukraine. This is a barbaric behavior, with a racial extinction. His goal is to eliminate or destroy a country, and he said to Russia.

For his part, Harris expresses an international survey of Ukraine potential Russian crimes. Absolutely, there should be an investigation, we must all look. She said, I have no doubt that the world is this war, and what Russia did in this aggression and these atrocities.

Last week, the International Criminal Court (ICC ) Research Financial Exhibition is suspected of abuse in conflict. The United States is not part of the Roman regulations, established the Hague Tribunal, investigating war crimes, genocide and crime of harm humans. According to the former President Donald Tu, the sanctions office of the CPI sanctions offices survey the sin of Israel and occupying the so-called war crimes in Palestinian territory and Afghanistan. The Biden government revokes sanctions. From then on, the court missed the force of Afghanistan. But the US uu once again opposes the international investigation of Israeli policies.

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