Katie Price Has Taken To Social Media To Warn Guys Who Are Attempting To Date Her Through Social Media

Katie Price has taken to social media to warn guys who are attempting to date her that they want to be “very careful.” The 41-year-old mother of five shared a screenshot of a dialog she had with a man on Instagram, in which he requested for her smartphone number.
“I’m so sorry however I don’t supply out my wide variety to people I don’t know,” she replied. “If you desire to get to be aware of me then you’ll have to do it the old skool way and ask me out on a date.”
It’s not the first time Katie has spoken out about being bombarded with messages from strangers on social media, and she’s in the past admitted that it can be “scary” at times.
“I get so many creepy DMs and it’s without a doubt simply scary,” she wrote in another Instagram post remaining year. “I be aware of some people might think I’m asking for interest but I’m not, I’m simply warning other girls out there that this occurs all the time.”
If you’re one of the many men who have been messaging Katie Price on social media in the hopes of scoring a date, you would possibly favor to assume twice. The 41-year-old mother of 5 lately took to Instagram to warn men that they want to be “very careful” when making an attempt to date her through social media.
Sharing a screenshot of a dialog she had with a man on Instagram, Katie explained that she doesn’t provide out her variety to people she doesn’t recognize and that the solely way to get to be aware of her is “the old fashioned way” by means of asking her out on a date.
Katie’s warning has come after she has previously admitted that she can be overwhelmed and “scared” at instances with all the messages from strangers that she receives. Her message is no longer only vital for web protection but additionally serves as a reminder of how rapidly matters can escalate and emerge as notably unsafe if we don’t take the right precautions when engaging in on line relationships.

Who is Katie Price?

Katie Price is known for her public persona and her outgoing personality. The British mannequin and television persona have been in the public eye for over two decades, and she is now turning her attention to social media. She is using her platform to warn men who are attempting to date her through social media that they want to be careful.
Price has been open about her tumultuous love life, and she has been married three times. Her first marriage was once to pop singer Peter Andre, and the pair had two youngsters together. They divorced in 2009. She then married cage fighter Alex Reid, however they divorced after just one year. Her most recent marriage was to Kieran Hayler, with whom she has two children. They introduced their break up in the past this year.
Through her marriages and relationships, Katie Price has realized a lot about relationship and relationships. And she desires to share that expertise with the men who are trying to date her thru social media. She these days took to Twitter to publish a warning to those men.
“So many guys message me on here thinking they can just string me along,” she wrote. “I’m no longer involved in any of that.”

She continued: “If you favor to date me then you need to be straightforward from the start, otherwise you’re losing your time.”
Katie Price’s recommendation is simple however important: if you’re searching for a serious relationship, be sincere from the start. Don’t attempt to string any individual along or play video games with them. Price is absolutely serious about making certain guys remain trustworthy and respectful when it comes to dating her.

Why Katie Price Has a Warning for Social Media Suitors

Over the years, Katie Price has been open about her relationships with men, both in the public eye and via social media. In current years, she’s taken to social media to discover dates and relationships, however now she has a warning for these guys who are making an attempt to date her thru social media.
Katie Price is no stranger to the ups and downs of love. She’s been married three times and has had a wide variety of high-profile relationships. In current years, she’s taken to social media to find dates and relationships, however now she has a warning for those men who are attempting to date her via social media.
Katie Price warned attainable social media suitors that “it doesn’t work out” when you try to date anybody on-line besides ever assembly them in person. She shared her story in hopes of warning others who may be thinking about starting a relationship with someone they’ve by no means met.
Price explained that she’d lately been speakme to a man online who seemed ideal on paper. He was good-looking, successful, and regarded to have his lifestyles together. They chatted on-line for months earlier than he in the end requested her out on a date. But when they met in person, matters rapidly fell apart.
It turns out that the man wasn’t pretty as he seemed online. He was once pushy, rude, and totally one of a kind from the person she thinking she knew. The journey left her feeling upset and frustrated, and she warned others no longer to make the same mistake.
Online courting can be an exciting way to meet new people, however it’s essential to exercising caution. It’s convenient for human beings to present false versions of themselves online, so if you do pick to date anyone you’ve met online, take your time and get to be aware of them before getting too invested in a relationship.
The Warning Itself and Why It’s So Important
Katie Price recently spoke out about the dangers of on line dating, particularly for guys who are attempting to date her thru social media. In a candid Instagram post, Price warned guys that they want to be “very careful” when messaging her on social media, as she has been “catfished” more than one times.
Price went on to give an explanation for that she has had a couple of men fake to be anybody they’re no longer in order to strive and begin a relationship with her, which can be extraordinarily dangerous. She entreated any men who are thinking about attempting to date her on line to do their research and make sure they are speakme to the actual Katie Price before doing anything else.
This warning is so important due to the fact many humans are unaware of the risks of on line dating. Catfishing is a serious hassle that can lead to emotional manipulation and even bodily harm, so it’s indispensable that every body takes measures to defend themselves. If you’re questioning about making an attempt to date any individual you’ve met online, make sure you do your lookup first and continually talk with caution.

How This Relates to the Wider Issue of Online Dating

There are a lot of alarming information out there about the country of online dating. For example, a recent study by means of the Pew Research Center found that one in five adults ages 25-34 has used on-line dating, with numbers even higher for adults a long time 18-24. And though lie detection science has come a long way, research suggests that humans are nevertheless lying about themselves on their courting profiles, with men being greater probable to do so than women.
All of this paints a particularly grim photo of on-line dating. But it’s now not all doom and gloom. There are plenty of success stories out there of humans who have met their soulmates online. And as extra and greater humans rely on technological know-how to join with others, we’re likely to see even greater success memories in the future.
So what does all this mean for Katie Price? Well, it’s hard to say. On one hand, she’s right to be cautious about meeting any one online. On the other hand, there are hundreds of thousands of humans out there who are searching for love, and many of them are the use of online dating websites to help them locate it. As long as she is cautious and uses her common sense, there’s no reason why Katie Price can’t find love on line like so many others have before her.

Tips on Making Sure Your DMs Don’t Meet the Same Fate as Katie’s Suitors

1. Don’t slide into her DMs.
2. Don’t send her unsolicited photos.
3. Don’t be a creep.


Katie Price’s heartbreaking warning to men who are attempting to date her thru social media is an necessary reminder that we all ought to be more conscious of how we use social media. We ought to take her message seriously in order to create a safer space for both female and men online. It is also vitally important that these searching for romantic connections take the time to construct real relationships with people in real life, as a substitute than relying totally on digital connections.

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