Land missiles near the North Consulate of Ilbil, North China

US and Iraq officials said that there is no report on attack victims. He said that an official was launched from Iran.

Up to 12 ballistic missiles attacked Elbai, North Kurd, North, Iraq, some reports suggested several landing near the US consulate. US official uu said that missiles have recently launched from Sunday, but there is no report of victims. Iraqi and US officials have given different damages. An US official said that any facilities of the US government have not damaged, no victims, and there is no indication that this goal is the construction of the consulate, this is new, current unemployment. A Iraq official in Bagada said that several missiles attacked the consulate, which was the target of attack. Later, lawn ghafari of the head of the foreign media office said that there is no missile to come to the United States, but the complex area is beaten.

An American defense officer spoke about anonymous conditions, saying that this is certainly not the missile that is hampered and where they land. The US State Council UU said it is an attack indignant by the sovereignty and violence of exposure against Iraq. The Ministry of Health of Elbil did not say that there are no victims. Several missiles in Erbil Gevence in Irbil Grevence fall into the city of Erbil. The governor said that it is not yet clear whether the objective is the consulate or airport of the United States, according to the LEDs of the United States to compete for the Islamic National Group. Let us condemn this terrorist attack on the terrorist attacks of the ELBIL sects. We call residents who are calm, and the Prime Minister of Kurdistan MasRour Barzani is in a statement. After the Israeli strike, near Damascus, the attack incident killed two members of the Iranian revolutionary guard a few days.

The News Agency of the Iran State, cited to the Iraqi media recognizes the attacks, and does not mean they originated here. The satellite radio channel near the US Consulate. UU Kurdistan24 started air from his studio shortly after the attack, showing broken glass and fragments at his study plant. In the past, US troops stationed at Erbils Completed International Airport were blamed with rockets, unmanned aircraft attacks, US officials against militia groups in Iran, but they did not have a few months of this attack. The spokesman for the regional authorities said that El Bille Airport did not have an interruption of a flight. There is no immediate responsibility for claiming. The residents of Erbil released an online video to show several big fringe, some people say that the explosion surprised their homes. Reuters can not independently verify these videos. Given that the Islamic from Iraq, US leaders and Iranian support forces. Iraqi political parties, most of them, the armed wings, also participated in the training of the government’s native negotiations after the election of October. The Shia Militia group is close to Iran’s private warning, and if they are abandoned, they will resort to violence. The main political enemies of these groups include their strong competitors of Shia, the competitors of the people, people committed to form a left government to the Iranian allies and include Kurd and Sunni.

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