Mobile phone at school: a huge tool of annoying and powerful teaching

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When Nelann Taylor lets his high school students hit their smartphones and escape in Duolingo, Quizlet, Kahoot and Flipgrid, she knows that it can be a headache in class.

The students of her really identify how to correct it, I only say, I know that I can not do my own mobile phone now, unless it is for the classroom task, she said.

But others use the freedom of rolling SMS, Taylor must tell them to put the team outside. Mobile phones are powerful learning tools that suddenly distract with children.

Discuss how many people in them are really complicated, said Taylor, technology fans at the classroom, Louisiana, Louisiana, Louisiana, St. John, Church, High School, Spanish and Web Design. It is always a work job.

Educators like Taylor have banned mobile phones, which allows children to do them in class, or for more than two years, let children use them.

But she must find out how to use her mobile phone to learn, do not let them be dispersed, because from the great virtual learning of the popular unit, experts and educators say that they have been more urgent since children return to school.

I think that the transition to try to use the equipment and has multiple devices, are dispersed, trying to focus on learning, then return to class, this is Christine Ergersma (Christine ELGERSMA) edition of elderly media communication and learning resources, a non-profit organization focused on children, technology and media.

There are some good practices, including clearly transmitted equipment for students and parents at the beginning of the school year to carry out school policies.

ELGERSMA warns that the fierce anti-honeycomb phone can feedback. The equipment that allows children to use classroom work is an identified way. These are real tools, some of which are doing children to their mobile phones are really impressive, very important for them, for them. It is important to say.

We don’t want to discuss their organizations in life fabrics. These devices. In Kansas Spring Middle School, students immediately put their mobile phones in the wardrobe after the school, and at the end of the day, unless the teacher plans to use this device in the course, otherwise Trevor Grertzen said, school manager.

Goertzen is the national high school digital director of the National High School Digital Director is the technical champion in the classroom.

But if the children can visit their calls all day, he thinks that children can disperse or social networks, which is too easy.

He said that all students have MacBooks, he said that it can be used to need almost any event in the classroom of the equipment.

Teachers have the right to allow mobile phones to occasionally for specific purposes, but most teachers realize that it is not worth opening the door to use their mobile phones.

Teach kids to manage their technology’

However, the fifth grade humanist master at SVEE Frank, Zesville West Middle School in Whitestown, Ind. Look at the phone as a great Student Engagement Tool.

Your students can keep their mobile phones in the classroom, as long as they have a notification, they are not interrupted by Dangdang noise.

She incorporates them into the class task of her. For example, Frank has established a child’s reading paragraph and resolved a problem in the room, for example, the author.

To verify if your answers are correct, students use their mobile phone to scan QR code and jump a video that Frank explains the correct answer.

It’s one of the things I like, how can I contain 12 stops? Frank said. I like it, wait, I can! Franks students also use the mobile phone to record podcasts because they tend to have a better microphone than the school released.

For example, she has a group of students to choose books about different identities and then create a podcast to explore the topic proposed by the text.

A group of people with a homeless person chose a person about a person and the local shelter employee accepted a staff.

Frank said, natural, sometimes students use their mobile phone to go to homework. But this is part of the course. She said that children need to figure out how voluntarily from their devices.

She must teach the children to manage his technology, if they do not do this at school, then this will be done.

Frank said. A certified yoga teacher, talked about your student mind, the importance of the current, and how technology is distracting attention.

If a child has a particularly difficult time to let your phones, or get distracted when using a school laptop, Frank will ask if they are willing to have a copy of the document, or if they like to put the phone at the table. .

Frank said he lets students get their purchase from their phone from it. They like it, I need to do this. Kristin Dale Conti, a scientific teacher at high school, Massachusetts, said another advantage of using mobile phones is basically the attitude of mobile phones in schools, if you can not hit them, join them.

Then, if your student wants to use your mobile phone, say how long it melts, it is beautiful. Many of her students have also used telephones for a project in the ecosystem last year.

Students have selected an outdoor area near the school, photographing a photo of the scene week, then look at how biodiversity in the ecosystem changes over time.

Students are filming flowers, squirrels, plants, insects, frogs and more, and share them in digital journals that parents can also access.

Daley Contils suggests the teacher, use their mobile phones in the class: listen to the child’s idea.

Ask them like this, do you think your mobile phone is too much? Or can we use our responsible mobile phones? She said, if you think the convergent phone is used, she heard the hearing of the experts.

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