Naira to Pound Black Market Exchange Rate Today February 2, 2023 

Naira to Pound Black Market Exchange Rate Today February 2, 2023 

Naira has depreciated again toward the UK Pound on the black market and the new change charge can be accessed below.
Inforeportage reports that the Naira has depreciated towards the U.K. Pound, exchanged at N940/£1 on the alternate platform Aboki Forex.

Please be aware that the alternate charge changes hourly.… It relies upon on the quantity of bucks on hand and the demand.
What it capacity is that…you can purchase or sell 1 pound at ₦940 and the cost can exchange (high or low) inside hours.
How lots is the change rate of Pound to Naira on the Black Market today?

Inforeportage reports that checks on Aboki Forex Wednesday February 2 2023, demonstrated the present day parallel market price at N940 to a £1.
The Nigeria parallel market (black market Pound change fee today) in accordance to Aboki Forex
February 2, 2023, UK Pound to Naira black market trade rate: £1 to Naira = ₦940
The neighborhood foreign money opened at N940.00 per £1 on the parallel market in any different case identified as the black market these days Wednesday, February 2 2023, on Aboki Forex.
Even even even though the pound to naira opened in the parallel market at ₦940 per £1 today.
The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) does now no longer understand the parallel market, the black market.
Apex Bank has consequently directed every individual who requires forex to approach their bank. Insisting that the I & E window is the solely regarded exchange.

Inforeportage reports that on the black market in accordance to Aboki Forex. The participant sold a pound for N930 and sold it for N940 on Wednesday morning, February 2, 2023.

DisclaimerInforeportage does no longer set or determine foreign exchange rates.

The reputable NAFEX quotes are got from the website of the FMDQOTC
Parallel market prices (black market rates) are got from a number of sources such as Aboki Forex and online media outlets.

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