NATO, G7, the EU is Russia – Ukrainian war levied the crisis meeting

In the following emergency, it is expected that the western leaders will discuss the sanctions of Russia, Euroba Energy Safety and the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis.

The western leaders gathered in Brussels in NATO Summit, and the leaders of the Transnational Defense Alliance will receive an increase in the army in Eartern Flanco. NATO EN Emergency Council, seven groups and EU are working on Thursday to develop plans to increase Russian President Vladimir Putin, such as Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, the second month.

Joe Biden, president of the United States, is expected to attend the three conferences. US leaders delayed the arrival of the European diplomatic capital on Wednesday, which is expected to conduct the new sanctions of Russia in Russia, who has seen its economy through a stable ban, boycott, and fine in the last four weeks.

Although the West is in Ukraine in Ukraine, the West has been unified, but the unit can be considered the cost of global economic war chips. What we want to hear is that the determination and unity that will continue in the last month, as long as you need, the Bidens National Security Consultant Jake Sullivan, told reporters that the Air Force has been on the road to Brussels.

Theenergy crissxated in the war is a specially popular subject, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greek leaders looking forward to emergency and coordinated blocks.

Strong from one side to the other German Prime Minister Olavis:

Olaf College has already excluded the call of Russian electricity exchange, saying that it will cause significant damage to its economies, and the Director of the European Administrative Forces prompted the United States to increase the increase in the United States to deliver liquefied natural gas, so that The 27-sewage of the country can reduce the dependence on Russian natural gas.

Before the European Parliament, Usura Feng Delun said that the EU is trying to work in the next two winter LNG supplies. The EU imports 90% of natural gas, used in energy generation, popular family and supply, Russia supplies almost 40% of the EU natural gas and an oil room.

Before the European Parliament visited the European Parliament, Ursula Von der leYen said that the EU is looking for an additional GNL supplies in the next two winter. The EU imports 90% of natural gas, used in power generation, popular homes and supply industries, Russia supplies nearly 40% of the EU natural gas and a quarter of oil. Sandy told reporters that the problem has always been a substantive problem, and has been to the other party’s fierce theme in recent days, and Washington is looking for European European supply to help offset the supply interruption. The United States already has a Russian oil strip.

The Brussels report said that the White House will try to present the unit during the Thursday meeting.

He said that the NATO summit will analyze the security, while the EU and the EMU summit will focus on Russia sanctions. The first meeting here is NATO to look at this military part. Looking at Ukraine support, and hopes to strengthen the power of countries near Russia. Of course, the ground strength of the previous situation has increased 10 times and sent to 100,000 US military in Europe. He said it is a very very big impulse. At the European Union Summit, I believe that more attention will pay attention to penalties and meet with the G7 leaders. Japanese Prime Minister is not a member of NATO, and another G7 member will fly for the meeting.

The Bay said that the NATO Summit will also focus on the threats of chemistry and biological weapons and will point out that Western leaders say that Russia’s attack has a real threat. Before the meeting on Thursday, Jens Stoltenbergsaid, Jens Stoltenbergsaid, Jens Stoltenbergsaid, can agree more power in Eastern Europe to prevent possible Russian attacks and provide more attendance to Ukraine, including the help of chemical, biological, radioactive and threats Nuclear Kyiv.

Stoltenberg said that any chemical weapon will completely change the nature of the conflict and violate the violation of international law, and the lejanda consequences have been carried out. However, he refused to say that this attack will be a red line that can drag the NATO to the war. Grave steps The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, will be introduced by the NATO Summit. On Wednesday, he expects the grave stage of NATO and Western leaders and announced that he will help Ukraine winning this war through any weapon.

He also pointed out that Ukraine did not receive his demanded warrior or a jet of modern air defense system, and said the national army also needs anti-exhibition systems.

On the other hand, they are expected to bite, must detail the new sanctions plan for humanitarian assistance in Russia and the region. According to US officials discussing private reviewed reporters, discussing private considerations based on US officials, discussing the conditions of private considerations in accordance with US officials, giving speeches to the parliamentary members of the Parliament.

The official added that there is no final decision and will deploy new sanctions that are coordinated with Western allies. In addition, the eastern side wings of Poland and other NATO countries will also seek how to make a clear concern in the United States to facilitate the increasing attention of the spiral refugee crisis.

It has fled more than 3.5 million people from Ukraine in recent weeks, including more than 2 million Poland. Biden plans to go to Poland on Friday, and the Eastern Security and Refugee Crisis in Europe are expected to talk at the President of Mrum ‘s Dudanda.

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