New Zealand has taken 450 refugees from Australian detention.

Trying to take a boat to refugees from Australia after a long island, or in immigration detention, it harms your mental health.

New Zealand announced that 450 asylum and refugees that were carried out in Australia, or at the offshore detention center held under the Australian Differences Policy, nine years after nine years. Many refugees have not expected to live normally in Australia for many years.

The secretary of the Immigration Office of New Zealand, said that New Zealand has a long and refugee from the history of immigrants, which is another example of how we fulfill our international humanitarian commitment.

We are very happy to provide immigration results for refugees who continue facing unreasonable futures. Australia has launched new severe measures in 2013 to reach any asylum that is trying to take the boat to Australia in Papua New Guinea (PNG ) or Nauru, called Offshore machining center.

They were told that they would never be allowed to settle in Australia, even under the refugee law. Refugee groups said there are around 1,300 people, including those that allow the temporary visa of the community to fall under this category.

Although the PNG and Nauru camps have been closed, approximately 200 people have left in the Pacific Ocean, while others are taken to Australia, and under the Ashort-Live Medical Spreadal Spemenin 2019, still live in Melbourne Park Hotel, etc. After the facilities.

The statement said that New Zealand left 150 refugees every year over the next three years and follows the same procedures for evaluating the detection plan and refugees for other refugees in the country.

The detained refugees have been complained for a long time that the bone nature of the system, the Australian officials have the fate of sweeping power. Moz Azimitabar launched 2021 immigration detention in 2021, allowing him to work but not learn, and must be updated every six months.

On Thursday, welcomed New Zealand’s announcement. Today is an incredible victory of human rights, which indicates that the government can not ignore the strength of people! He wrote on Twitter.

Today is my birthday, this is the best gift of all! New Zealand proposed some refugees for the first time in 2013, but Australia of Australia was repeated, and then negotiated with US refugees.

According to the January data from the Australian Refugee Committee, the United States has take up less than 1,000 from the machining center.

   The critics have condemned the treatment of refugees and conditions in Australia, as well as public protests for long-term detention, resulting in some medical evacuation from the Pacific islands to Australia.

   According to a statement issued by Australia, the previous agreement does not include anyone in PNG. Sea detention is a dark and bloody chapter of our country’s history.

   The two parties funds are a national shame, Tasmania Vegetables, written on Twitter.

    The Australian Government accepts NZS to provide too much time, the agreement should provide more people with resettlement and faster. The Government continues to persist in persistence that politics is conducive to people to travel to banks at sea, and people trying to do so will not be allowed to stay.

   Minister Karen Andrews said in a statement that the agreement does not apply to illegal maritime journeys to Australia in the future. Australia is still firm and illegal maritime arrival will not be permanently resolved.

    Anyone trying to violate our borders will be returned or sent to Nauru.

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