Nigeria: 100 million barrel barrels that are not counted in 2019

The arguments of corruption are often focused for the level of Nigeria oil.

Nigeria Abuja did not reach 1 million barrels of crude oil in 2019, and its legislators found their legislators when reviewing the report of the Auditor Commission. According to the ToloCal media, on Wednesday, the results of the survey were found during the Joint Meeting of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee to assess the report. In this report, the Federal Auditor refers to Nigeria National Petroleum Co., Ltd.

(NNPC ), which did not take into account the internal consumption of 2019 of approximately 10.7 million barrels of crude oil. The Director General of the Director General of the Group provides a complete raw oil schedule for January 1 to December 31 to December 31, 2019, which provides a detail that does not use raw oil sales and will be domestic national and domestic.

Total crude oil is adjusted. The described report, bbls raised in 2019 and has never used remittances that are not sold to the federal account. It also highlights differences in remittances, saying that federal counters said they only received 608, 710, 292, 773.44 Naira ( $ 1.4bn ), even if NNPC indicates more than 1,272,606,864,000 Naira ( $ 3bn ). The NNPC spokesman did not respond to multiple consultations from Al Jazera.

This is a few days after Nigeria promoted the Departmental Guard and the National Initiative of Extraction of the Mining Industry (NEITI ), in a report, Nigeria Oil and Natural Government that was due to the government 2.6 trillion Nara ( $ 6.2 BN ) Royal and the granting of tax leases. The leaders of the active and civil society said that the auditor will inform the evidence of the local corruption of the Extraction Department.

This is the leader of the Niger Delta Conference, the leader of the Niibier Delta General, this country is almost 25%, which is a social political group in the region. It simply shows the NNPC political leadership. This shows that Nigeria has been sinking for many years. He said that more than one room production of a quarter is almost a quarter of oil production. Saatah added, he can see the announcement of NNPC a day, that is, they do not have money, you can see the impact on the country. At this point, we do not even have enough money in our crude oil account in excess, it seems that there is no one-time event that lacks thousands of years [].

NDC said he expects the leaders of the national oil company to explore the operation of criminal enterprises. This is not the first time that NNPC is accused of unable to the entry of remittances in the federal account. In 2018, Neiti Axberget Heping did not refer the amount of $ 1.68 billion. According to reports, Nigeria Natural Gas (NLNG ) is limited to a dividend of the federal account. Nigeria, the largest oil producer in Africa performed a daily average daily oil, in accordance with the data from the National Statistics Office, despite the largest production capacity to produce 2.5 million barrels per day.

The country has been working hard to rely on oil-based raw oil in the oil economy depends on their currencies. According to government record, Nigeria has lost approximately 150,000 barrel oils for people who illegally excavated the Niger Delta region. This means that 2 million countries, half of which live in poverty, may lose more than $ 400 million in oil, using the current price each year. In recent weeks, the shortage of fuel has a larger economy of small businesses and domestic flights.

This is where the economic patients are sick, based on the legislation of Abuja non-profit civil society legislation, the director Auwal Musa Rafsanjani tells Al Jazera. He said, instead of fuel prices on fuel prices, fuel has become increasingly expensive, which is due to rampant oils and delicate products.

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