NOOOO: How does it respond to the team that is lost to the Qatar World Cup

   The European Championship and the 2006 World Champion broke through the second continuous World Cup after post-profit losses.

   Eight months won the European Championships and was favored by the national hero, the Eliot football team lost the World Cup in the second time.

    Italy lost 1-0 small North Macedonia at home, and entered the victory during the injured period on Thursday.

  Four years ago, this is a shock repetition. At that time, Italy had not reached the Football Global Visualization Championship for the first time since 1958. But in July of last year, after gaining England in the European finals, few people believe that repetition disasters are frustrating.

    Leaving the world is the Gazzetta Dello Sports, in the main sports newspapers of Italy, on Friday morning. Test with Roberto Mancini [Team Manager ] is an error. He is represented in the newspaper that this is a global football system that must be rebuilt.

    The media reported that Mancini, who was known by the World Cup to the Euro World Cup, was known as El Salvador Italys, can leave. Let’s see Mancini. He is currently talking about the future. I just do not know what to say.

Most of the major brands, including the winners of the 2006 World Cup, even silent, is difficult to find publications or opinions of the current player’s social networks.

   Correiere dello Sport and Tuttosport are hell and nooooooous as headlines, and many items have lost their games and teams in the London’s finals last summer.

Italy won four world cups, including the 2006th victory. However, they renounce the group stage 2010 and 2014. The last setback shows that 2021 European victory is only a long-term decline.

   All Sports of Gazzetta dello have been exhausted in the morning, the owner of the newspaper pavilion in the south of Milan told Al Jazera. Those who buy newspapers are very angry and sad. But this time it has two main reasons in 2018.

   First, people are worried about the War of Ukraine and football, even in Italy, nor the priorities of these days. Second, we have become accustomed to not becoming a World Cup.

In the past two seasons, no Italy has reached the quarter finals of the Champion League. This is a trophy from 2010 to Italy. Many family clubs praise debts. Once he has been Serie A.

   The newly appointed flight series head, the alliance acknowledges that it is necessary to bump. Lorenzo Casini said that this failure must guide everyone to seriously reflect and profound changes in our systems, without providing the required content.

   For Nisu, 64, the same as that of Italy. This is what they have, because they are very bad yesterday, telling Al Jazera. Of course, I am very disappointed that I like football, always supporting Azzurri, but after the Euro in 2020, we didn’t have any tour score. Macedonia is much better than us yesterday, I am very happy.

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